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Thursday, January 26, 2023

Democrats Hate Being Held to Their Own Standards: Committee Assignments Edition

Guy Benson Guy Benson  |  January 26, 2023

Back in 2016, with a presidential election underway, I made the case that Senate Republicans should force Democrats to live under their own power-hungry rules.  They should do so, I said, by applying the Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer standards to the newly-created Supreme Court vacancy, following the death of the late great Justice Antonin Scalia.  Then-Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did precisely that, holding the seat open until after the election, paving the way for President Trump's trio of superb SCOTUS nominations.  The Democrats got red in the face and stomped their feet, but after decades of hyper-partisan, unilateral escalations in the judicial confirmation wars, they were merely getting a taste of their own medicine...............To Read More..... 

  • Adam Schiff Vows Revenge After McCarthy Kicks Him Off Committee 
  •  Fox News Star Accuses Adam Schiff of ‘Treason’ for Leaking Classified Information: ‘Felony at Minimum’
  •  Mike Pompeo Drops Mother of All Nukes, Reveals Bug-Eyed Burbank Bolshevik Adam Schiff ‘Leaked Classified Information That Had Been Provided to Him’ . . .
  • Bug-Eyed Burbank Bolshevik to Make U.S. Senate Run After Being Ousted From House Intelligence Committee
  • Liddle’ Adam Schiff booted from Intel Cmte and immediately turns to Chinese spyware to grovel for cash
  • My Take Schiff should not only be kicked off this committee, he should be facing ethics violations by the Ethics Committee for his insidious, mendacious and morally outrageous conduct over the last few years. He shouldn't even be seated let alone given positions of responsibility.  But since he has "a negative integrity coefficient" being "a straight-faced liar is considered an asset" to his party.  This idea he has the ability to take "revenge" against the Speaker of the House is more evidence that he suffers from a serious case of weird compounded by a massive infection of hubris.  A common affliction for leftists. 

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