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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

What is the Law?

Allen WestAllen West Jan 30, 2023

Right now, America is facing a level of lawlessness that is highly disconcerting. Everywhere we turn, we see the dismissal of what is supposed to be the law. Whether it is at the border, on our streets, in our courts, in our schools, or even in our homes, there is a dedicated, purposeful, and intentional desire to undermine the rule of law. Therefore, as we are in dire need of a discussion and understanding of the topic, it is pertinent to ask: what is the law?

I recommend that we look to a French economist named Frederick Bastiat, who wrote an essay, first published in 1850, called "The Law." His essay is as relevant and pertinent as ever to the question posed in this missive..............Bastiat reminds the progressives, socialists, Marxists, statists, and communists of a time-tested truth, "It is in the nature of men to rise against the injustice of which they are the victims." That rise, that movement happened some 246 years ago in America. Lawlessness was defeated by those who preferred liberty.m Steadfast and Loyal...........To Read More....

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