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Thursday, January 26, 2023

The Biden Scandal Daily Weird Report

By Rich Kozlovich

First, let's deal with, Mike Pence, in this piece, Et tu, Mike Pence?, saying: 

The scourge of vice presidents taking classified documents home with them hits the Republican party......... It’s unlikely that Pence has given or sold any information, including information in classified documents, to foreign nations. Certainly, it’s possible but, as I said, it’s unlikely. He’s never shown an orientation toward foreign nations, unlike Biden, who put himself forward as a foreign policy maven.

And in this case, that's an all important point.  

The fact is the President of the United States is the ultimate declassifying authority, and "if the president behaves as if the documents are declassified, then they’re declassified. No other proof is required."  On the other hand the Vice President absolutely has no authority to declassify or possess classified material on their own, this makes you wonder how much is being classified, over classified, and how much classified material is out there the National Archive people know nothing about.  I think there's so much out there they're clueless.  Perhaps that's why the National Archive staff missed the House deadline to turn over material tied to this Biden classified documents scandal?

Are they stonewalling like the Biden administration is with the Senate Committee is to see what exactly are those documents Biden squirreled away?   As of right now, even among Democrat party members, there are serious questions as to whether these documents would incriminate him and his criminal family in criminal activity, and the White House Refuses to answer questions on Biden scandal.  

Was Hunter Biden peddling what seem like classified documents?  There's a lot of smoke being generated over that question, and it gets worse.  The Penn Biden Center Hosted ‘Bootcamp’ for Congressional Staffers Promoting Closer China Ties.

President Joe Biden’s D.C.-based think tank operated by the University of Pennsylvania reportedly held a two-day “bootcamp” last year during which congressional staffers were urged to support greater cooperation between the United States and China................For many foreign-policy observers, the discovery of those documents has raised security concerns in light of the influx of Chinese money into Penn since the think tank’s creation in 2017. In the three years after the center was founded and Biden became a Penn professor, donations and contract payments from China-based corporations and research institutions totaled over $60 million — triple the amount that came in during the three prior years.

We now know all the accusations from the left about any Trump/Russia collusion was not only a lie, it was something called projection.  That means accusing someone of doing the very things you are  doing yourself.  As Matt Gaetz notes:  ‘They Had to Accuse Trump of Colluding with Russia Because He Was the Only One Who Wasn’t.

We're talking serious allegations of treason here, and those allegations go right up to Joe Biden. But, hey, as Whoopie says, Roman Polanski wasn't really guilty of "rape-rape" involving his having sex with a 13 year old girl, so maybe this isn't really treason-treason? 

After all, according to Whoopie, as Vice President Biden had the authority to declassify all that stuff.  Really?  I suppose she must also believe either Joe or Hunter could sell it to foreign agents also?  There's only one problem with that, the Vice President has no declassifying authority and selling classified documents is a crime.  

Whoopie has now solidified her position as the drum major for Nitwits on Parade. 

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