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Monday, January 23, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich


Let's start with this Thought For the Day, which is profound in it's simplicity, and this Quote of the Day from Thomas Sowell, so it's bound to be profound, and this Blast From the Past, April 6, 2017: Why we entered World War I 100 years ago todayGiven events now occurring, I think it's a good thing to review this 2017 piece.

We need to understand, the left has no stable moral foundation, but they're more than happy to use the moral foundation of others against them.  These House committees investigating the corruption of the Democrats, the administration and the deep state is frightening to them and so they attempt to excoriate the Republicans saying that all this is nothing but revenge.   

Since that's a Christian concept, and they don't believe in God, why are they saying that?  Because it's an effort to stop justice from occurring by creating a sense of guilt based on Judaic/Christian ethics they don't believe it.   Well, that' not going to work any longer.  

Time and truth are on the same side, and these investigations are going to go forward and when it's all done, they will shock the nation at how corrupt Pelosi and her myrmidons were, and are.  How corrupt the Deep State is and how far that corruption has gone.  How corrupt the media, including Twitter and all the others have been, and mostly, just how close the United States has come to being totally converted into a leftist tyranny, devoid of the rule of law, and when the truth about the event of January 6 come out, will be only one conclusion.  

Massive crimes were committed, but not by the people who were arrested.  But the people doing the arresting and the corrupt judiciary that supported them.  They need to be charged with crimes.

The first commentary is a good piece by Jo Nova regarding the WEF at Davos, and the cartoon reflects it.   


  • It’s a cult: The WEF are the “select few” touched as saviors of the world to master the future By Jo Nova
  • A Nation of Victims is Doomed to Fail  By Daniel Greenfield
  • For Biden and Democrats, Payback Is the Pits By Tim Donner
  • “Prioritization” and Debt Limit Nonsense By Dan Mitchell
  • Google Employees, Welcome to the World!  By Rich Kozlovich
  • Pandemic Lies, Myths, Hyperbole, and Crimes Against Humanity

  • The Disturbing Precedent behind Dangerous COVID Shots
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  • America in Crisis

  • The War on Competence
  • The UN is corrupt, incompetent and a danger to humanity

  • UN Security Council Resolution 242 and the Misrule of Law
  • In China, nothing is ever as it appears.

  • What Evergrande’s Default Means, and Doesn’t
  • Biden Scandal and Deep State Corruption.  When does it become treason?

  • FBI Agent Reveals Shocking Timeline Of Trump Conspiracy Investigation
  • FBI Admits Collusion With CIA and NSA to Spy on Americans
  • Benedict Biden’s DOJ Panics, Tells Jim Jordan His Ongoing Oversight Investigations Must Be Kept Quiet
  • Politics Disturbing Connection Emerges Between Biden Think Tank And Trump Impeachment Hoax
  • It's Over, Joe: New York Times Throws Joe Biden Under the Bus
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