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Saturday, April 13, 2024

P&D and The Week That Was

Truth is the Sublime Convergence of History and Reality

De Omnibus Dubitandum (Everything is to be questioned)

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By Rich Kozlovich

Today's edition is in my opinion more than excellent.  My contributions include nine commentaries and there are twenty five by writers I think have done some impressive work.

As November approaches we're seeing every trick in the book to steal this election by the Democrats, just as they did in 2020 and 2022, in order to prevent a Trump victory, and a massive movement to drain the Deep State swamp. But this isn't anything new for them.  Daniel Greenfield has a great piece about this going back to Chicago 1864.  Nothing's changed.  

If you're paying attention you will notice the media and the left are ranting about abortion, attempting to make this election all about that, and that alone, all the while ignoring the economic and social disaster the Biden administration has imposed on the nation.  

I view abortion as the murder of the innocent unborn, and in spite of polls and opinion pieces, I'm inclined to think that's true for most people. 


Because it's genetic!  Protection of children is part and parcel of our core genetic code, and I think most people function emotionally within that framework, as a result, if that's all they have, then they lose.  That leaves voter fraud!

What I am inclined to believe is these leftist nitwits are so out of control most want the Deep State Swamp drained, and I'm expecting to see a massive shock to the Congress after this election, and now with the new RNC leadership in place, voter fraud is being strongly addressed, something that should have been challenged many years ago.  

Voter fraud elected JFK, and LBJ was a past master at it, but after Norm Colman lost to Al Franken via voter fraud in 2008 it became the go to policy for the Democrat party. It's always the amazing discovery of "lost votes".  And when they "discover" those lost votes they always elect a Democrat.  Remarkable!  

So, how do votes get lost?  They can't "get lost" so easily if everyone votes in person, and on the same day.

My Commentaries

  1. Abortion: We Really Do Need Clarity!
  2. The "Party Faithful" Are Nitwits, Halfwits, Misfits, and Lunatics
  3. Rights Are Not Grantings To Be Given or Taken Away!
  4. After Bankruptcy Then What?
  5. The Definition of Rights is the Real Issue!
  6. Royko’s People to Congress: You Have Forgotten Your Place
  7. So Goes California, So Goes the Nation? Let's Hope Not!
  8. We Need to Abandon Tribalism in America!
  9. Going Green is a Pagan Religious Journey


  1. California’s Most Magnificent Homelessness Failure By Mark Angelides
  2. Will FISA Survive the GOP Turmoil? By Mark Angelides
  3. No Matter Who Wins Election 2024, a Political Reckoning Is Coming By Mark Angelides
  4. Can Biden Beat Trump on Abortion and Democracy Alone? By Tim Donner
  5. The Progressive Agenda: Destroy America in Order to Save It By Tim Donner
  6. Innovating for a water-starved planet By Paul Driessen
  7. Saving American Children - Part 2 John Droz, Jr.
  8. Chicago Dems Plotted the World’s Greatest Jailbreak to Steal a Presidential Election  By Daniel Greenfield
  9. The More Powerful the Teachers Union, the Less the Children Learned  By Daniel Greenfield
  10. Whodunit It? The Wokes Did!  By Daniel Greenfield
  11. Introducing the Envia Discord 2025  By Daniel Greenfield
  12. The Greenfield Gazette By Daniel Greenfield
  13. Muslim's European Muslim Population is a Rapidly Growing Problem By Robin Itzler
  14. Bridge Over Troubled Waters By Robin Itzler
  15. Voter Fraud and the Democrat Core By Robin Itzler
  16. 99 Reasons I’m In Mourning By Robin Itzler
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  18. 2024 Election and Trump Donations By Robin Itzler
  19. New SEC Climate Rules Are Burdensome – But Are They Constitutional? By John Klar
  20. The Latest On International Efforts To Save The Planet Through Climate Litigation By Francis Menton
  21. The New York Times Addresses The Culture War In New York City Public Schools By Francis Menton
  22. The Rise and Fall and Rise of Sweden By Dan Mitchell
  23. Swedish Tax Policy: From Good to Horrible to Bad By Dan Mitchell
  24. Great Moments in Canadian Government By Dan Mitchell
  25. Mitch McConnell Teases a GOP-Trump War in the Senate After Election Day By Joe Schaeffer

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The Greenfield Gazette

By Daniel Greenfield @ The Point

Club For the Galacticly Stupid

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee: The Moon is “Made Up Mostly of Gases” - “How could we as humans live on the moon? Are the gases such that we could do that?”  Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee served as a member of the House Science Committee and the Ranking Member on the Space and Aeronautics Subcommittee. And has spent almost 30 years in Congress. She’s also an almost unbelievable idiot. There was a story going around that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee when visiting the Johnson Space Center asked whether the Mars Pathfinder would be able to find “the flag the astronauts planted there before”. Rep. Lee’s people denied that one up and down. Unfortunately for her, this one was caught on video..............

2024 Election

 Biden Offers $300 Billion Bribe to Buy 30 Million Voters -AThat comes out to be about $10,000 per voter.   After $138 billion in bribes already, Biden visited Wisconsin to corruptly promise “student loan debt” transfer from his potential voters to the taxpayers who are already facing $100,000 in debt per household from the national debt.  Why Wisconsin? It’s a battleground state...............Biden has boasted about ignoring the Supreme Court’s ruling to push what he misleadingly calls “student loan forgiveness”. It’s not forgiveness, it’s a transfer of the debt from the people he sees as his voters, younger college graduates, especially those with MAs, to those whom he sees as political enemies, older taxpayers............

My Take - The unending efforts by the left to corrupt the English language would be laughable if it wasn't so effective and dangerous.  "Transferring" someone else's financial responsibilities is now "forgiveness".  

Just like the murder of the innocent unborn is reproductive health, Remarkable!  Daniel has an eye for this kind of corruption as he noted in 2022:  

"Almond milk was going to save the planet. There were predictions that the almond milk market would be worth $13 billion which is pretty good for something that requires enough sweetener to destroy your teeth just to taste moderately palatable. But almond milk isn't milk since, even in a woke biological paradigm where men can be women and bees can be fish, you still can't milk a tree. And almond milk isn't almonds either, because it's only about 2% almonds. What is almond milk really: it’s sugar and thirty other ways of saying sugar without actually using the ‘s’ word."  RK

After Taking Over 3rd Largest Radio Network, Soros Plots to Take 2nd Largest - It’s not a coincidence that this is happening right before an election. In February, we reported that Soros was about to take over the third-largest broadcaster in the country, Audacy, along with its stations............Audacy claims to be able to reach 200 million people across the range of its properties which include sports, music and talk radio stations, as well as a large digital platform, and while Audacy is not an inherently conservative company, it owns a number of talk radio stations and the talk radio format caters to commuters, early risers and working people which is to say conservatives. And the Soros takeover will give one of the biggest funders of leftist extremism control over not only conservative talk radio stations but those that are, like WILK, in swing states. That includes two other stations in Pennsylvania and many others across the country...............

Crime in America

Gun Control Activists Wanted This 85-Year-Old Woman to Die - No one wants children to die in school shootings. We want women like Christine to live.  Every time I click on YouTube, it seems like I get another Sandy Hook Promise gun control ad. I’m sympathetic to parents who have suffered the worst possible loss and want to feel like they can do something to redeem it. Without agreeing with them. Even setting aside all the foundational and philosophical ideals of liberty on which the Second Amendment is based, gun control can put unarmed people at the mercy of the armed, but that’s always been the case in human history. What a gun can do is reverse the usual balance of power.......

O.J. Simpson Lived Out His Worst Punishment - O.J. Simpson lived long enough for no one to give a damn about him.   Austere religious scholar O.J. Simpson, as the Washington Post, might have put it, has gone to whatever hell awaits evil men. Some are disappointed that he went there at a ripe old age. Why evil thrives and good people suffer is an age-old question and not one that we are about to resolve here. But I will say that O.J. Simpson lived out his worst punishment already. O.J. was an egomaniacal narcissist obsessed with keeping the public’s attention. His brutal murders tanked his career but made him even more incredibly famous.......


Navy Focused on DEI, Now It Can’t Figure Out How to Build Ships - - “We don’t have detailed plans of action, milestones, initiatives.”  “America’s Navy values diversity, equality and inclusivity,” the woke Navy leadership claims. “We believe that when a diverse group of individuals come together to do a job, they can do it better because of their differences.”   The Year of Hate helped accelerate the woke destruction of the US Navy.......How’s that working out? The “diverse group of individuals” can’t seem to get anything done beyond DEI sessions.............We may no longer have a US Navy capable of taking on China, but at least everyone is respecting everyone else’s pronouns...........

Economics: Minimum Wage is Another Leftist Disaster

Who Benefits From California’s $20 Fast Food Minimum Wage Hike? -Socialists. California’s runaway one-party state goes from one disastrous legislative session to another where anything enough leftists back becomes law. With the state already bleeding small businesses, the $20 fast food minimum wage hike is another bomb tossed at an industry that barely survived the pandemic lockdowns, which shut down a lot of fast food joints while protecting big businesses. In an economy with soaring food prices and reduced consumer spending on eating out (among working-class and lower-middle-class people), the business model doesn’t work and is just leading some places to shut down. The Fosters Freeze shutdown made the news because it was so public, but it’s hardly alone..............

Consumers Knew Prices Were Rising, the Media Refused to Believe Them - So much for the lies.  In shocking news, prices are rising. Dow drops by 500 points after a surprisingly bad inflation report – CNN.  Surprisingly bad. This comes after the media had spent weeks insisting that Americans were mentally ill or delusional for thinking that the economy was bad. And no, I’m not exaggerating. Headline after headline pretended to psychoanalyze the country.......

Lawfare, Dual Justice, The Constitution, Deep State Corruption

By Locking Up Navarro, Dems Changed the Balance of Power -Now they want to change it back.  When House Democrats decided to lock up Peter Navarro for not going along with their hearings, they fundamentally changed the game. Unlike the J6 prosecutions, House subpoenas leading to prison time is breaking new ground. Everyone used to know how House subpoenas worked. House committees wanted to show off and enlist participants in their, usually partisan, dog and pony show. Generally, administration officials complied. Sometimes they fought them. Post-Navarro, the Biden administration, wanted to treat House subpoenas as business as usual. And pushback came from a very unexpected source.................

No Country for Old Supreme Court Justices 78-year-old senator demands 69-year-old justice retire.   After Justice Scalia’s death, then RBG’s death and then Democrats and leftists launching a pressure campaign to get Justice Breyer to step down, I predicted we would be looking at this as the new normal. And here it is.  Moneyball for Supreme Court justices means picking them young and then getting out as soon as they get old. Or older. ...........Blumenthal told NBC. “I have great admiration for her. But I think she really has to weigh the competing factors. We should learn a lesson. And it’s not like there’s any mystery here about what the lesson should be. The old saying — graveyards are full of indispensable people, ourselves in this body included.”  Vietnam War hero Sen. Richard Blumenthal is 78 years old. Sotomayor is 69. If anyone should be stepping down here, it’s Dick......

DOJ Refuses to Turn Over Biden Tape on Grounds that Congress is Mean - Has Biden learned nothing from Nixon?   DOJ attorneys just spent almost an hour being yelled at by a federal judge for telling other lawyers not to comply with a congressional subpoena even while arresting a Trump advisor for that very same thing. Having learned nothing, the DOJ is fighting a congressional request for the Biden special counsel interview ‘tape’ on the grounds that, well, they don’t like Congress who are a bunch of meanies and anyway can’t we talk about something else? Like women’s basketball? Or the eclipse? Or the speed at which paint dries..............

Leftism is now, and has forever been a disaster.

How the Democratic Party Really Got its Name- -“The most diabolical attempts to destroy the best fabric of human government.”   The Democratic Party claims that it’s the party of democracy even as it tries to suppress any democratic political opposition from its own members and from third parties because it’s not about democracy. That’s easy to understand when you take into account the true origins of the Democratic Party. In my book, ‘Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers’ Fight Against The Left’, I delved into the true origins of the Democratic Party. And World Net Daily (WND) ran an exclusive excerpt of that true story......Theodore Roosevelt later described them as “Democratic societies on the models of the Jacobin Clubs of France” and their influence as “noxious” and “distinctly evil"...............

Why Most Americans Don’t Know the True Origins of the Left (VIDEO) The true origins of the Left disappeared when it rewrote American history.  Generations of Americans have grown up knowing very little about actual American history. In my interview with Anni Cyrus at Rise Up to Freedom, I discussed my new book, “Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers’ Fight Against The Left” and why so few Americans know about the history revealed in it. The answer is that a national centralized educational system rewrote the teaching of American history following a Marxist template of oppressor/oppressed, class and racial warfare, to the extent that authentic history including key moments that defined America were erased. In the process, not coincidentally, the origins of the Left that I reveal also disappeared from history.........

Biden Admin Released Migrant Member of Terror Group Responsible for Killing Americans into U.S. - If this administration were aiding Islamic terrorists, what would it be doing different? In the various “border deal” negotiations, Republicans stopped even bothering to ask Biden to secure the border. Instead, they tried to hold out for ending the mass release of millions of illegal border invaders into America.  But it was no deal.  Biden refused to add anything more than a smidgen of detention capacity while continuing to release the invaders into the country with court dates in the 2030s.  Here’s what happens when you do that. Beyond the cities staggering under the burden of tens of thousands of invaders all demanding social services and living quarters, actual terrorists are being released into the country........


42% of Latinos Support Building a Wall, 39% Back Deporting All Illegals - Latinos are apparently anti-Latino xenophobic racists. Who knew?    The thing about the Overton Window is that yes, it’s a way to make the formerly unacceptable (open borders in which millions of invaders enter the country with no recourse) seem acceptable, but it leads to backlashes that make the formerly unacceptable seem acceptable in the other direction.  While Latinos were never the militant open borders voters that white liberals liked to believe they were, the Biden administration has managed to get 42% of their great hope for a permanent minority majority to back building a wall.......

 Israel, Hamas, Democrats, and Joe Biden

Israel Takes Out Iranian Mastermind of Oct 7 - Another terror leader bites the dust.   The Biden administration insisted that Iran was not behind the Oct 7 attacks, but it was always unlikely that Hamas could have pulled off a precisely orchestrated operation that exploited technological vulnerabilities in Israel’s security. Then earlier this week, Israel hit a building next to Iran’s diplomatic facility in Damascus where senior generals in Iran’s IRGC terrorist network were reportedly planning an assault. One of those generals appears to have been the mastermind of Oct 7.................

Biden’s Slow Motion Betrayal of Israel - The question wasn’t whether Biden would betrayal Israel, but when.   This will be far from the only post with the word “betrayal” in the title, but it’s really been a slow-motion betrayal. It’s a matter of perspective when you date it from, but by November there was already a definite turn. A little over a month after the original Hamas attack, the Biden administration was pressuring Israel to use less armor, bomb less, and change its government. Then came the warnings to wrap up the war by the end of the year. Once it was clear that Israel would not cooperate, the slow-motion betrayal sped up a little with diplomatic, economic and military pressure........

“Death to America”: Chant Dearborn Hamas Supporters Courted by Biden -This is what Biden betrayed Israel and America for. Joe Biden decided to turn on Israel over pressure from Dearborn, Michigan, also known as Iran’s base in America. Heavily populated by Shiites and some Sunni Islamic terror supporters, the place is notorious for its open and overt support for Hezbollah and Hamas. It’s a fact that the media used to report on before it began covering it up. When the Wall Street Journal ran an op-ed by  MEMRI counterterrorism researcher describing Dearborn as “America’s Jihad Capital”, everyone from Biden to Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (who has her own terror associates) as “Islamophobic”......

Bernie Sanders Has Office Arsonist Arrested Instead of Negotiating With Him Bernie’s office is worth more than your life.  When Islamic terrorists attack America, Sen. Bernie Sanders warns against fighting them. When Hamas attacks Israel, Bernie condemns the Jewish State for fighting back and demands a ceasefire. When criminals run loose around America’s cities, Bernie insists that we treat the social injustices that cause their crimes and let them go. But when Bernie’s own office gets torched, it’s a whole different ball game............

After Letting Osama Go 9 Times, Ex-Clintonite Complains Israelis “Fire First and Then Ask Questions” -- 100,000 dead because the Clinton administration “wouldn’t fire first”.   The Clinton administration had 9 opportunities to kill Osama bin Laden. Hours before 9/11, Bill Clinton gave a speech in Australia bragging that, “I nearly got him once. I nearly got him. And I could have killed him, but I would have had to destroy a little town called Kandahar in Afghanistan and kill 300 innocent women and children, and then I would have been no better than him.” Almost 3,000 people died. Over a hundred thousand died in the ensuing conflicts. Now Leon Panetta, Bill Clinton’s former chief-of-staff who served various security roles in the Obama administration, which belatedly got Osama, has popped up to criticize Israel for being too ready to kill terrorists...............

Biden Admin Upset Israeli Gov Hasn’t Briefed It On Invasion Date - I can’t imagine why.  Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced that Israel intends to go into the final Hamas stronghold in Rafah.  Israel has set a date for the military offensive against the remaining Hamas terror battalions in Gaza’s southernmost city of Rafah, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced on Monday night...........Matthew Miller, the US State Department spokesman, told reporters on Thursday, “To my knowledge, we have not been briefed on that date.”..............

Biden Demands Israel Stop Attacking Hamas Even If It Doesn’t Release the Hostages - A total betrayal.   The grim farce of negotiating with Islamic terrorists always plays out the same way. The terrorists keep attacking while playing the victim, make escalating demands and once you start negotiating with them, the negotiations never produce peace and don’t even reliably ensure the release of hostages. The Biden administration initially rejected the Islamist/Leftist demands for a ‘ceasefire’ during which Hamas would be free to attack Israel. Then came around to proposing them in exchange for the release of the hostages. And now adopting the Leftist/Islamist position is just demanding a unilateral Israeli ceasefire without the release of the hostages.......

 Muslim Refugee Stabs 70-Year-Old British Man to “Free Palestine - “He swore by Allah that, if he had had a machine gun, and more weapons, he would have killed more victims.” Free Palestine is popular all over. And when you’ve gotta free palestine, then you’ve gotta free palestine or someone else will snap it up.Muslims as the most oppressed 2 billion supremacist majority that denies basic human rights to non-Muslims in their own country are very upset at the temerity of Israelis in refusing to be murdered in their homes. And so it’s time to stab some folks to free Palestine.

Philly Mayor Claims Ramadan Shootings “Sacrilegious” - “We stand united with the Muslim community.”  Politicians tend to claim without evidence that Ramadan, an Islamic religious period during which violence tends to amp up, is a time of peace. America and Israel were warned not to bomb Islamic terrorists over Ramadan. None of these non-Muslim politicians ever give the various Muslim gunmen the memo that Ramadan is a time of peace. And so the violence continues, not only in Yemen, Iran or Israel, but also in Philly......

Rep. Rashida Tlaib Refuses to Condemn “Death to America” Chants Soon Rep. Tlaib will be chanting, “Death to America” on the House floor.  Americans were shocked when a video of an Islamist anti-Israel rally in Dearborn went viral complete with chants of, “Death to America”.  The event took place in Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s district. And when a FOX News reporter tried to ask Rep. Tlaib to condemn it, she instead bleated about “racist tropes”, “my community” and “Islamophobia.".....

My Take - Islam is a criminal, political, terrorist movement masquerading as a religion, and the hypocritical double standards of these leftist misfits like Bernie Sanders and Leon Panetta is blatant treason. As for informing the Biden administrative of their plans:  Well, I don't think it's unreasonable to suspect they they tell Biden on Monday, Hamas may very well know what those plans are by Tuesday.  Or earlier.  Who in their fight mind would trust the Biden administration with that kind of sensitive intel?  RK

Transgenderism:  The lies and the consequences

Puberty Blockers Are Not a ‘Pause Button’, They’re a ‘Sterility Button’ A 12-year-old boy who had taken puberty blockers for 14 months had nearly 60 percent of his sex glands had “fully atrophied.”   Any significant medical intervention has a physical price. That price may be justified by the need, but anyone who claims that there isn’t a price, is lying. From those cheerful drug ads of families happily cavorting and living life after they’ve taken their daily dose of CAVORTIL/XS (not to be taken with food, other medicine or oxygen, may cause panic, unexplained bleeding from ears, nose and toes, may not actually work, all lawsuits subject to mediation and postponed until 2093) to media coverage, the goal is to brand procedures and medications with some dumbed down and simplistic buzzword........Isn’t that so reassuring? Parents are told that the alternative to this ‘pause’ is depression and suicide. Just give your kids some puberty blockers and give them time to “figure it out”.  The reality is very different. Real life has no pause button. Neither does biology.........

Chicago Dems Plotted the World’s Greatest Jailbreak to Steal a Presidential Election

During the Civil War, Democrats came up with a unique plan to find more voters.

By Daniel Greenfield @ Sultan Knish Blog

“They will vote early and often, and they will fight,” Charles Walsh, a top figure in the Democratic political machine who had unsuccessfully run for Sheriff of Cook County, promised.

The year was 1864 and Walsh, the “doorkeeper’ of the Illinois House, who lost an election to a Republican by less than 800 votes, had a plan to win a presidential election the Chicago Way.

It was simple.

Abraham Lincoln was so associated with Illinois that “Land of Lincoln” would become its name, but Chicago was a whole other matter. Could Chicago Democrats hope to win Illinois? The Democrats had bet big on Chicago by bringing the Democratic National Convention to town.

The Democratic convention adopted a platform claiming that “after four years of failure to restore the Union by the experiment of war”, it was time to negotiate a settlement. But the convention was also to be the opening round of what became known as the “Chicago Conspiracy” in which Democrats plotted treason, a coup and a unique way to win an election.

Even by the standards of a time when urban Democrat political machines would bring in prisoners and lunatics to vote, often more than once, and even waylay passerby, get them drunk and force them to vote Democrat (a practice known as ‘cooping’ that some historians claim led to Edgar Allen Poe’s mysterious death), Walsh’s plan was ambitious.

Previously, the Chicago Tribune had reported that, “the mayor of Chicago… released nearly all the inmates of the bridewell on condition that they would vote for him today.” But the Bridewell prison held mere hundreds of inmates and what it would take was the world’s greatest jailbreak.

Chicago needed some good Democrats and the Cook County Democrat bigwig knew where to get them. At Camp Douglas on the South Side of Chicago, tens of thousands of Confederate prisoners of war housed in poor conditions and suffering from a high death toll, like most large camps on both sides, had become a popular cause for Chicago’s Democrat ‘Copperheads’.

While previous efforts had been made to help some Confederate prisoners escape, the Chicago Conspiracy had a much better idea. Why not break them loose and have them vote Democrat?

The story of the Chicago Conspiracy is part of the lost history retold in my book, ‘Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers’ Fight Against the Left’ which reveals the corrupt and violent origins of the American Left and the Democrats and what we can learn from that today.

Walsh’s plan may seem wild, but it was actually part of a nationwide Democrat conspiracy against the election featuring terrorism, race riots and simultaneous coups in major Northern cities that is retold in detail in ‘Domestic Enemies . In New York, local Democrats and Confederate agents had staged the Draft Riots, attacking black people and Republicans to seize power and then when that failed a campaign of domestic terrorism by attempting to set fire to Broadway hotels and theaters with thousands of people trapped inside.

But Chicago Democrats like Walsh were more practical. He stockpiled weapons, which his daughter would later claim were meant to be used “to protect Democrats at the polls.” These Democrat election defense weapons included “200 stands of arms, with all the necessary ammunition and two cart-loads of large revolvers, loaded and capped ready for use.”

The Democratic National Convention would provide a pretext for a large number of visitors to come to Chicago all at once. And Chicago’s proximity to Canada, where the real conspiracies were being hatched under British supervision by radicals too extreme for the Confederacy, like John Wilkes Booth, would make it a convenient jumping off point for changing history.

(The combination came together in Walsh’s fellow conspirator, Col. George St. Leger Grenfell, a British mercenary who lived with his own harem in a Muslim country before coming to America, being arrested and sentenced to death, having his sentence commuted through the intervention of the British government, and then managing to escape by boat and becoming a pirate.)

With enemy agents, likely from the Knights of the Golden Circle, the predecessors of the KKK, blending in with the arrivals to the Democratic National Convention, they would have plenty of time to coordinate with Walsh’s Democrat thugs “ready to shed blood”. Then they would liberate the tens of thousands of Confederates in Camp Douglas. And take them out to vote.

The plan was that “the rebels were to march into the city” and “take possession of the polls, voting in each precinct, and preventing the deposition in the ballot-box of any other than the McClellan ticket.” Such gangland voting tactics were not unusual in Tammany Hall and other Democrat urban political machines. Indeed one reason that was given for not allowing women to vote was that it was too violent due to Democrat gangs terrorizing anyone who voted differently.

But Chicago Democrats were thinking even bigger with the world’s greatest jailbreak by bringing in tens of thousands of heavily armed Confederate Democrats who would, in Walsh’s words “vote early and often, and they will fight.”

In typical Chicago fashion, Walsh linked fighting and voting together.

Then, in even more typical Chicago fashion, the Chicago and Confederate Democrats, after voting, would loot all the banks.

Unlike the Draft Riots, which at least succeeded in driving enough Republicans and black voters out of New York City so that the Tammany Hall machine was able to secure Democrat control of local elections, the Chicago Conspiracy, like the entire Northwest Conspiracy, failed badly.

The Democrat plan to either rig the 1864 election or, failing that, seize control of major cities and secede from the United States, fell apart. These conspiracies owed less to the South, where the Confederate leadership was less likely to entertain such madness, than to local Democrat political machines, like those of Tammany Hall and Cook County, and British agents who publicly opposed slavery, but covertly were thrilled to see America tearing itself apart.

(The unresolved hostilities from the British covert backing for the South would play out in the form of the Fenian raids into Canada and the threat of a potential third war with America that continued to linger long after the North and the South had bandaged the wounds of their war. And there was a good deal of irony in Canada harboring some of the Democrat radicals who had originally been among the most vocal proponents of invading and annexing Canada.)

While Democrats like Walsh appeared to be making a dangerous gamble in an era when men could still be shot for treason, they were only mildly inconvenienced by their conspiracies, unlike Southerners, many of whom suffered greatly during the war even when they opposed slavery.

Even right after Lincoln’s assassination, Walsh was only sentenced to five years in prison and was released much sooner so that he was out by 1865. Other prominent conspirators walked away entirely including a former Chicago mayor. So did the majority of the party thugs who proved the Democrats protected their own whether in the streets or in a court of law.

While the Chicago Conspiracy failed, it’s hard not to see it as a trial run for the modern party.

The original plan to “seize the polls” and “stuff the boxes sufficiently to secure the city, county and State” and then “to utterly sack the city, burning and destroying every description of property, except what they could appropriate for their own use” seems like just the basic strategy of what Democrats have done to Chicago, Illinois and the United States.

“God be praised. Chicago has redeemed herself,” the Chicago Tribune had celebrated the Republican victory in 1862 even though the Democrats had “flooded the wards with illegal voters and counterfeit tickets.” But it’s been a long time since Chicago has been redeemed.

The illegal voters are everywhere and Democrats have ushered in illegal invaders from all the nations of the world to march across the Southern border and stuff ballot boxes and loot cities.

What was once a Democrat conspiracy is now just Democrat policy.

 [Pre-order a copy of  Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers’ Fight Against the Left’.]

[The full story of the Democratic plot to rig the 1864 election is told in the final chapter of my book, ‘Domestic Enemies: The Founding Fathers’ Fight Against the Left’.]

Daniel Greenfield is a columnist, an investigative journalist and a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

California’s Most Magnificent Homelessness Failure

The Golden State leads the way in bureaucratic incompetence. 

By | Apr 12, 2024 @ Liberty Nation News, Tags Articles, Good Reads, Opinion, Politics

 California’s Most Magnificent Homelessness Failure

Every once in a while, a political story lands that cuts through the partisan divide and exposes itself as the quintessential paradigm of what is wrong at the heart of government. Corruption is often dismissed as the price of having politicians; dishonesty is deemed pervasive but predictable. Still, the two most cardinal sins of a bureaucracy that seeks to administer our very experience of life are incompetence and apathy. Both of these have been exposed in California’s efforts to mitigate the growing homelessness crisis within its borders.

The Fix Is in for Homelessness

A new report by the state auditors covering fiscal years 2018 to 2023 – released April 9 – found that around $24 billion of taxpayer funds spent on fixing the rampant vagrancy that afflicts the state didn’t really do much of anything. In fact, the auditors concluded that the California Interagency Council on Homelessness (Cal ICH) – the outfit responsible for doling out the cash and coordinating agencies – stopped tracking the results of the expenditure in 2021.

So not only did the cash not achieve the desired results, the responsible agency decided to stop even quantifying what results there were! The cherry on top of this particularly poor-tasting cake is – according to the report – that Cal ICH did not even evaluate the data it did collect.

The Cost of Failure

Let’s consider the numbers for a moment. California spent roughly $24 billion to fix or ameliorate a problem for which it is well known – indeed, it is by a huge measure the worst place in the nation for vagrancy. According to USAFacts, “California had the highest number of people experiencing homelessness of any state: 181,399.”

If the bureaucratic behemoth that administers the splurge of taxpayer funds had just doled out the cash directly, each homeless person would have received more than $130,000.

Would this have solved homelessness in the Golden State? Not entirely. But it would have made more of an impact for those who are homeless due to financial issues. It could have provided funds to start new lives elsewhere in the United States, where that kind of money goes a long, long way. Instead, it appears good money was sent after bad, and the administrators figuratively closed their eyes and stopped looking at what – if any – impact the taxpayer largesse was having.

Lessons Most Certainly Not Learned

State Sen. Dave Cortese, the Democratic lawmaker who initially asked for the report, responded: “Unfortunately, there is a balkanized approach to data collection and outcomes, with no centralized system for tracking our investments. This audit underscores the urgent need to establish best practices and create a blueprint for how the State of California and our cities can address our most visible challenge.”

One might consider asking why a “blueprint” was not considered before the expenditure of $24 billion.

An Accountability Deficit

Who will answer for the profligate spending that failed to achieve anything of substance beyond squeezing Golden Staters for more of their hard-earned money? If one has been even partially politically aware over the last few decades, the answer becomes clear: no one. But should Democrats in California have a crisis of conscience and decide to push for answers, they may just be met with a Sir Humphry Appleby-style* response:

“If you ask me for a straight answer, then I shall say that, as far as we can see, looking at it by and large, taking one thing with another in terms of the average of departments, then in the final analysis it is probably true to say, that at the end of the day, in general terms, you would probably find that, not to put too fine a point on it, there probably wasn’t very much in it one way or the other as far as one can see, at this stage.”

But then why would any form of accountability be necessary when the political leanings of the state make it almost an impossibility that they will be voted out in the next election?

*Sir Humphry Appleby was a civil servant in the British comedy sitcom Yes, Minister, and Yes, Prime Minister.

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Can Biden Beat Trump on Abortion and Democracy Alone?

For Democrats with little else to offer, the answer had better be yes. 

By | Apr 12, 2024 @ Liberty Nation News, Tags Articles, Good Reads, Opinion, Politics

The bad news keeps coming fast and furious for Joe Biden. Underwater and trailing Donald Trump on almost every issue of significance to the American people – the economy, illegal immigration, crime, foreign wars, and of course inflation, now on the rise again – there is but one real issue and one fabricated issue on which Biden is now forced to base his entire re-election campaign: abortion and “democracy.”

In fact, while outrage poured out from the left over the Dobbs decision in 2022 sending the issue of abortion back to the states, Biden must have been privately grateful because the backlash from it by pro-abortion voters saved Democrats in 2022 and remains about the only thing propping up a presidential campaign making Democrats sweat profusely. Democracy has replaced terms like white supremacist and fascist as the hottest item in the left’s virtue-signaling lexicon as they attempt to convince the American people that Donald Trump will morph into Joseph Stalin upon assuming office for a second time.

But even both of those issues, abortion and democracy, have started to turn on Biden as well. You could sense the frustration on the left when Donald Trump announced his position on abortion. By refusing to support a national ban of any kind in favor of each state deciding for itself, he frustrated pro-life activists, but more importantly from a political standpoint, he refused to provide red meat for his enemies and softened the issue considerably. Some red states have adopted more restrictive laws than during the 50 years of Roe v. Wade, while some blue states are actually inviting out-of-staters to come and get abortions on demand. But Trump both assumed the appropriate constitutional position on the issue based on the unambiguous Tenth Amendment and short-circuited the left’s narrative about abortion extremism on the right.

Beyond that, Trump is boomeranging the issue by declaring that it’s actually the pro-abortion crowd that is extreme based on their support of the procedure all the way up to the point of birth, a position not supported by anywhere near a majority of the American people. Though his talk of Democrats’ radical position on the issue will undoubtedly fall on the deaf ears of elite media, he has adopted an approach that will prevent the issue from exploding on him.

Beyond Abortion and Democracy

At the same time, it hardly requires a brain surgeon to interpret pronouncements from the left about preserving democracy to be insincere at best, reckless and dangerous at worst. Having long hoped January 6 would carry them all the way to the finish line in 2024, they made a fateful decision to resort to another new term in the political lexicon: lawfare. Do they think the average voter cannot reach the obvious conclusion about their motives when Donald Trump has been indicted for everything except jaywalking? Do they believe Americans will respond to their cries of preserving democracy – as they attempt to remove the man leading the race for president from the ballot? Let’s just say self-awareness is not at its height in today’s Democratic Party.

But then, what else does Biden have going for him? He has failed to convince voters to distrust their own eyes or the inflated cost of living they face every day and believe that things are better than they appear. The much-ballyhooed Build Back Better (remember that?) and Bidenomics were discarded after going nowhere. In fact, they may have actually made things worse for Biden’s electoral prospects by drawing more attention to the issue. Even his embattled DHS Secretary now finally admits the border is in crisis, but Biden is paralyzed by his left flank and fails to act. Left-wing Democrats from New York to Georgia are obviously and transparently dishing out Soviet-style justice on Trump for all to see.

This president also can’t run on competence when he can barely make it through public appearances. He won’t be able to ask what Trump will ask, whether people are better off than they were four years ago, because they are not. He cannot convince people that the economy is bright when gas prices have risen 50% since he entered the White House, rising interest rates are paralyzing the housing market, and a bag of groceries that cost $100 when Joe Biden took office now comes in at $137. He won’t be able to talk voters out of the obvious conclusion that the southern border is out of control because of his policies, as it metastasizes across the land. And he has another thing coming if he thinks he can talk people out of their fear of lawless migrants and urban criminals set loose by far-left prosecutors foisting their failed social experiment on the American people.

Any political candidate is entitled to serve up pure demagoguery. Many do. But voters can sense desperation, and with even the two issues Democrats thought they could count on to take down Donald Trump no longer the flashpoints they once were, it seems Joe Biden will have to dig deeper and find something, anything more than abject fearmongering about his opponent if he expects to hold the Oval Office for four more years.

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Innovating for a water-starved planet

Inspiration, innovation, perspiration and technology can overcome climate challenges

Paul Driessen

More than 3,400 years ago, God told Joshua to lead the Hebrew people across the Jordan River into the Promised Land that is now Israel. If they worked hard and followed his commandments, it would become “a land flowing with milk and honey.”

At least the central, northern and Galilee (Kineret) regions would; they generally received enough rainfall to sustain ancient nomadic and agricultural communities. The south, the Negev Desert around and below Be’er Sheva and Abraham’s famous well, was too parched for much more than camel stops. In 1900 Be’er Sheva was home to just 300 hardy souls, and even today most of the Negev gets a fraction of Arizona’s annual rainfall.

Nevertheless, national founder and first prime minister David Ben Gurion envisioned milk, honey and much more in a prosperous Negev. Today, time-traveling Israelites would be astounded to see a lake and 660,000 people in the bustling modern city of Be’er Sheva – and crops, livestock and small towns transforming the vast desert.

I recently joined other volunteers in the area. We were overcome by emotion at memorials to victims of Hamas’s barbaric massacres last October 7. But we also visited hospitals and schools, and met with grateful, passionate, resolute, resilient people. We painted and spruced up several less devastated kibbutzim and marveled at how fruitful the desert has become.

Endless acres boast fields of wheat, flowers and vegetables; lemon, orange, date, olive, apple and avocado orchards; and huge “hothouses” that actually keep temperatures from getting too hot, while controlling sunshine and insects, enabling farmers to grow tomatoes, eggplants, berries, bananas and other bumper crops to feed Israel and send abroad. 

We got dirty, weeding and pruning tomatoes, planting herbs and picking lemons. Scratches on my forearms still remind me that lemon trees have dastardly thorns. Who knew?

Israelite and Israeli commitments to inspiration, innovation and especially perspiration continue to pay dividends. They’ve fostered new technologies and techniques that turn dry wastelands into bountiful farmlands, using desalination, water recycling, drip irrigation and constant refinements. 

Some Israelis worry that manmade climate change will make the country’s water and agricultural challenges even more daunting. Others point out that abundant rains in recent winters have helped raise Sea of Gallilee water levels to their maximum levels for the first time in decades, and that more atmospheric carbon dioxide spurs crop and natural plant growth. 

Hebrew University astrophysicist Dr. Nir Shaviv says the sun (not CO2) is the control knob for planetary temperatures, anyway. When the sun is more active, he explains, it sends out stronger solar winds, reducing galactic cosmic rays streaming into Earth’s atmosphere. That causes clouds to be less white, less dense and less reflective of sunlight, resulting in a warmer Earth. When solar activity decreases, Earth cools. Graphs of solar activity and ocean temperatures over thousands of years confirm this.

The climate debate matters less and less, of course, when people do what our ancestors did: adapt to climate changes, natural or manmade, by employing our creative talents to devise new tactics and technologies for living and farming in cold, wet, dry and changing climates.

Rely less on nature’s unreliable beneficence and goodwill, become less at the mercy of the elements – and be more self-reliant, resourceful and innovative, in housing designs, heating and cooling systems, more sustainable manufacturing, and beyond. Israel has set a good example in water use and conservation.

Desalination plants use ultra-filtration and reverse-osmosis to remove salts and minerals from seawater and brackish groundwater deposits. The leftover brine goes to the Mediterranean and Red Seas.

Israel’s eight desal plants annually produce 835 million cubic meters of expensive yet affordable safe drinking water for Israelis, Bedouins, and West Bank and Gaza Palestinian. (That’s 835 billion liters; 221 billion gallons.) Over 90% of Israel’s drinking water is desalinated, freeing up Sea of Galilee water that Jordanians can then purchase from Israel.

A vast water recycling system further aids in conquering deserts and droughts. Israel reuses over 85% of its water (with a goal of 95%). Treatment plants purify “graywater” from homes, hospitals, schools and businesses, so that farms can irrigate crops and polluted water stays out of rivers, streams and groundwater. The Shafdan wastewater treatment facility alone provides nearly 140 million cubic meters of clean, recycled irrigation water to Negev Desert farms every year.

Over half of Israel’s farm irrigation water is recycled graywater. Much of it is combined with urban and highway stormwater runoff and stored in hundreds of underground reservoirs, which local and regional communities also utilize.

Recurring droughts, growing populations and expanding agricultural needs underscore the imperative to build more desalination plants, treatment facilities and reservoirs in Israel and neighboring countries.

Drip irrigation delivers water slowly and directly to plant roots via a revolutionary network of hoses, valves and drip nozzles. That’s a monumental improvement over systems that spray water onto plant leaves and stems, resulting in significant loss through evaporation, especially in arid regions. Simcha and Yeshayahu Blass began developing the water-saving technology 65 years ago and established the Netafim irrigation products and services company to market their technologies and educate people worldwide.

Today, drip irrigation waters over three-fourths of Israel’s crops. However, only 5% of farms globally use the technology, due to a reluctance to change longstanding practices and the costs of replacing existing systems with initially expensive drip technologies.

Cutting-edge research continues apace in these and other water-related arenas, to further improve technologies, reduce their costs, decrease recycled water sediments that can eventually clog irrigated soils, optimize equipment efficiencies and crops’ water uptake, and promote the use of water-saving technologies in the United States and around the world.

Israel’s Arava Institute for Environmental Studies in the eastern Negev’s Kibbutz Ketura conducts research and teaches Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, African and Asian students how to utilize water and agricultural technologies and best practices. Led by Dr. Tareq Abu Hamed, it also teaches them to live and work together with other future scientists, farmers and leaders of different cultures, ethnicities and religions.

The institute understands that “in the hyper-arid, drought-stricken Middle East, one resource is more precious than water: Trust.” Since 1996, it has brought together more than 2,000 students to do research and engage in university-accredited programs. I’ve met some of them.

In a further testament to how far back these agricultural challenges go, Ketura is also home to a date tree called Methuselah because it was grown from a 2,000-year-old seed found in King Herod the Great’s palace and fortress at Masada, near the Dead Sea.

Perhaps instead of spending countless trillion of dollars trying to replace fossil fuels with wind, solar and battery technologies, we should focus on adapting to whatever climates we live in or encounter -- especially since China is building hundreds of coal-fired power plants to manufacture wind turbines, solar panels, EVs, grid-scale batteries and transformers to sell to Western nations for that “energy transition.”

Paul Driessen is senior policy advisor to the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (  and author of books and articles on energy, environmental, climate and human rights issues.


The Rise and Fall and Rise of Sweden

April 12, 2024 by Dan Mitchell @ International Liberty

Since this is my last full day in Sweden, I want to build upon my previous two columns (on long-run tax policy and pandemic spending policy).

We’ll start with this video explaining that Sweden is not socialist.

Johan Norberg is correct. Sweden does not have genuine socialism, which involves government ownershipcentral planning, and price controls.

The best way to describe Sweden is that it is a free market economy with bad fiscal policy.

But it used to have good fiscal policy. Very small government and no welfare state.

Unfortunately, policy veered in the wrong direction, especially starting in the 1960s.

But things have gotten better in recent decades. Ten years ago, I wrote about a very impressive period of spending restraint in the 1990s. That was worthy of praise, but what’s noteworthy is there has been no backsliding.

Indeed, IMF data shows that Sweden has continued to make progress, albeit at a slow pace.

It goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyhow) that the burden of government spending is still far too high. But a government that consumes 48 percent of GDP is better than one that consumes 52 percent of GDP.

And 52 percent of GDP is far better than 66 percent of GDP.

Moreover, Sweden has partially privatized its Social Security system, so it’s long-run fiscal problems are not severe – at least not compared to the United States.

But Sweden has made progress is areas other than fiscal policy. Here are some excerpts from a 2014 report by Stefan Fölster and Johan Kreicbergs of the Reform Institute.

The seventies and eighties saw Sweden’s tax burden rise from an average European level to the world’s highest. The public sector expanded vastly. All facets of the welfare system were made more generous… Meanwhile, labour market regulation increased… Throughout these years, Swedes’ individual after-tax real income stagnated, private sector job creation ceased, and public debt spiralled higher.

This culminated in a severe economic crisis in the early 1990s. …many Swedes began to react to the country’s lacklustre economic performance… At first, a few public utilities and the financial markets were opened to competition, and an important tax reform was implemented. …emphasis at the time was placed on reforms that opened significant sectors in the economy to greater competition. …significant changes were introduced to the tax system, macroeconomic policy framework, and social insurance system. …

The results of this wave of reforms are remarkable. During the twenty years before 1995, GDP and productivity growth was substantially lower than in other countries. Virtually no net jobs were created in the private sector and government debt increased rapidly. Moreover, disposable income of Swedish households grew only in a very slowly. Since 1995, every aspect of the Swedish economy has changed. GDP and productivity growth have been higher than in comparable countries. Employment in the private sector has grown by more than 1% annually, while public sector employment has decreased.

Public finances are now stronger than in most countries. Furthermore, median disposable income of Swedish households has grown 4 times faster after 1995, compared to the previous 20 years.

Here’s my favorite chart from the report.

It shows how the numbers of bureaucrats skyrocketed in the 1960s and 1970s, while jobs in the economy’s productive sector languished.

As a result of reforms, however, the number of bureaucrats has decline and jobs in the private sector have increased.

The net effect of all the reforms – lower tax rates, reduced spending burden, deregulation, etc – has been very positive.

Sweden was losing ground during the era of expanding government and now it is once again gaining ground.

Let’s close with an amusing look at how Sweden’s reforms are making it difficult for the left to cite Sweden as a role model.

That’s not good news for Bernie Sanders.

The bottom line is that Sweden is not Singapore. It’s not Switzerland, either.

But it’s better than people think. And its economic history shows that bad policy lowers living standards and that good reforms improve living standards.

P.S. Sweden also has nationwide school choice.

Friday, April 12, 2024

Abortion: We Really Do Need Clarity!

When it comes to abortion, pragmatism and morality have nothing in common!

By Rich Kozlovich 

Since Donald Trump's politically expedient but morally ambiguous statement on abortion came out saying:   "This is all about the will of the people,"....."You must follow your heart, or in many cases your religion or your faith. Do what's right for your family and do what's right for yourself",  the media has exploded with views.  From the left, I find them disgusting.  From conservatives, I find an unwholesome lack clarity, and courage.  

Andrea Widburg is one of my favorite writers, and is usually right on, but not this time.  Trump nailed it with his statement today about abortion.  It's all about pragmatism and winning the 2024 election, and I commented saying:

I understand the pragmatic approach, and so often pragmatism and morality have nothing in common. There really is such a thing as good and evil, and there really is such a thing as right and wrong, and abortion for any reason is the murder of the innocent unborn, making it both evil and wrong. Definition leads to clarity. That's clear and that's absolute. And among believers something else should be clear. Someone is watching. 

The the Arizona Supreme Court came out and said with Roe v Wade being overturned, Arizona's 1864 law banning abortion was the law of the state and must be followed.  That was a time when America knew right from wrong, but that time is not our time. 

How Democrats responded was a predictable as day follows night:

But how did many of Arizona's citizens, Republicans, and various conservatives respond?  

Hannity wants it overturned, Kari Lake wants "state lawmakers to push for the repeal of Arizona's Civil War-era abortion ban, according to a Republican legislator who spoke about receiving a call from her",  Arizona Republicans blast the court's ruling.  And there's all this discussion about the political stakes.  Where's the discussion from these "champions of conservative values" on the morality of abortion? 

Definition leads to clarity.  Clarity leads to understanding, Understanding leads to wisdom.  Wisdom leads to good decision making.  But that all take guts, and just like morality, guts and pragmatism don't always go hand in hand.  In order to make sure everyone has clarity on what abortion really is all about, let me state this as clearly as possible.  Abortion is the murder of the innocent unborn! 

 I ran some articles over the years to establish that incontrovertible fact. On March 6, 2012 there was an article entitled, Analyst Infanticide argument shouldn't surprise, discussing a position being propounded in the Journal of Medical Ethics, titled:

“After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?” 

Shocked yet? If not…give this a little time…more's coming.  In this article the author outlines the views of abortion supporters saying:

“They claim the child is not a person until they are capable of understanding they are a sentient being and until then “the interests of actual people over-ride the interest of merely potential people.....the statements in the article should not shock to anybody, as they have been the same views advocated by Peter Singer, a bioethics professor at Princeton who also has argued for the right to kill infants.”.....“Jones pointed out that Singer is a Laureate Professor at the Centre for Applied .....said. “A person is a being with some awareness of who they are, existing beyond simply the physical organism.”  “When asked if that would exclude a four month old baby, he said, “Possibly. I don’t think that’s problematic to say a four month old baby is not actually a person, that’s simply true.

This isn’t some new and startling view and it gets worse as in 1979 this moral misfit claims that since:

“Human babies are not born self-aware, or capable of grasping that they exist over time. They are not persons.” In 1993, he stated that newborns should not be considered a person until after at least 30 days after birth and doctors should kill some disabled babies immediately.”

Everyone snickered at the slippery slope warning and yet concern for this kind of moral insanity was not unfounded after all. 

 “The logical conclusion of saying that someone’s life is worth less at one month after birth rather than later is where do you draw the line. You either have the right to life or you don’t.......the authors were simply following the logical progression that began when abortion was legalized in the 1970s” 

“In the beginning abortion advocates said the child was simply a lump of cells. Then with ultrasound technology it became obvious that wasn’t so,” ......“Then the argument moved to suggesting that it was acceptable to abort a child out of the womb such as partial birth abortion, to finally refusing medical care for a child who survives a ‘botched’ abortion.”
"While some in the pro-abortion community would deny it, a key element in the movement to move personhood beyond birth is a lack of belief that human beings are unique creatures made in the image of God."

Do you remember The Gosnell Outrage?  If not, try this.  Gosnell Trial Witness: Baby Abortion Survivor Was 'Swimming' in Toilet 'Trying to Get Out'.  How can someone read something like this and not have tears in their eyes and a sick feeling in their stomach?  How can any rational person's heart not break over such vile practices?   What is the outcome of such thinking?

The terms Pro-life and Pro-Choice are misnomers adopted by the media. Pro-Life people are not pro-life. They are anti-abortion. The media and the left are so fond of pointing out how as a group seem to support the death penalty, claiming hypocrisy. They are opposed to the murder of innocent life. Those who face the death penalty are not innocent, they're being executed for heinous crimes.   They are not "innocent" and they are not "murdered".

Those who support abortion are not Pro-Choice, they are pro-abortion. They support the murder of the lives of the innocent unborn, all the while emotionally and dramatically opposing the death penalty for those who lack every vestige of innocence due to their actions. 

Who are the hypocrites? Which group sounds insane to you? Let’s not have any mistakes over this:

There is only one reason to be in support of abortion.  You don’t believe it is murder.
There is only one reason to be against abortion.  You believe it is murder! 
If it is murder on any day, then it is murder every day.  It isn’t murder on Monday and an option on Tuesday because of unpleasant circumstances.    
There is only one reason to believe that abortion is murder.  You believe in God!
There is only one reason to believe that abortion isn’t murder.  You don’t believe in God!

Of course it really depends on who your God is, isn't?

In ancient times it was common practice to sacrifice infants to the various Baal gods of the ancient Canaanites, and this was even common practice in first century BCE when the Carthaginians fought the Romans. It is believed that Hannibal had an older brother sacrificed in such a manner. Why? Because they believed this would guarantee good harvests and good fortune for their people. It was an economic issue.

Why is society presumably doing this today? Because if may impact the lives of the women economically or emotionally if the child is born. We moderns with our scientific rhetoric and psycho babble are just as guilty of murder as were those ignorant ancients. I have said this in the past and I will repeat it here.   

In ancient times pagans murdered their newborn children for economic and political reasons by throwing them alive into burning pits as sacrifices to their gods.  Today we are murdering our innocent unborn children for economic and political reasons to prove we have no God.

Our minds are so clouded with secular liberalism that we can’t see reality clearly that leftism is a neo-pagan secular religion and abortion is a secular religious rite.  Leftism is an unstable philosophy for which we have abandoned traditional values.  A concept where nothing is right and nothing is wrong.  A value system that isn’t much more that the latest philosophical flavor of the day leaving untold damage to humanity in its wake.  Then we wonder why society is getting so out of control, especially among the young.  

Traditional wisdom is based on values that have stood the test of time, and are foundational to a stable society.  Conventional wisdom is merely what people have chosen to believe right now based on immediate expediency. There is no historical or moral foundation to conventional wisdom, and generally is based on warping traditional values.

An article by Fred Lucas appeared entitled, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards speaks at the Democratic National Convention on Sept. 5, 2012. The article went on to say that:

“Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards announced Friday she is taking a break from running the nation’s largest abortion provider to volunteer full-time for the re-election of President Barack Obama, because, “Our daughters’ and our granddaughters’ future depends on it.”  

Does anyone beside me see the fallacious logic of her statement?  The 2012 article also showed that the woman promoting abortion makes $400,000 a year and:

“the Internal Revenue Service shows that Planned Parenthood got $487.4 million from federal and state governments, up from $363.2 million the previous year, making up about one-third of the organization’s $1 billion budget” for 2010.    He went on to say that because of the government putting the public’s money into this organization they perform “over 320,000 taxpayer funded abortions a year, making the group the abortion industry's top abortion provider nationwide.”     

That is obscene!  Let's get this right.  This is really a matter of defining the issue properly and having the courage to say so.   Abortion supporters promote murder and anti-abortion people fight murder.  When was the last time you read the U.S. Constitution?  When was the last time you read the Bible? That's where the foundational values of America were formed. 

Ignorance is the answer. Since so few read, understand, or even values the very foundational works that created American exceptionalism, why wouldn’t we think society would easily abandon the values espoused there-in? We don't read them, we don't understand them, we don't live them, we don't value them, we don't even know what those values are, and we have no idea what is being lost as a result. 

The left has promoted ignorance, mediocrity, consensus and complacency, making it easier to get society to accept the unacceptable, and they have been successful because the media, academia and political leaders are corrupt, and this must include many in the religious community, who must bear a huge burden of blame for this. The traditional institutions have become so corrupted they've come to the point there's nothing so degenerate they can't find acceptable.

 Around 30 years ago a study came out saying that 80% of all children under 18 years old had no religious all. 80%!   If that is the case then the very foundation for a stable society based on firm moral principles is lost. Can any society fix itself if it doesn’t understand itself? Can any society fix what is wrong if it can’t even define wrong?  Can any society fix what is wrong if they only believe in what is convenient and there is no right or wrong?

 No! And now we are being washed back and forth like the ocean’s waves crashing against the rocks. We are left with no stable structure for our thoughts and values. We have lost our minds because we no longer have clear definitions of right and wrong. 

The day will come when our descendants will look back on this and marvel at the selfish insanity promulgated by the left and accepted by society as a whole.  If we can’t see the immorality of abortion then it won’t be long before we'll fail to see the immorality of the euthanasia of the elderly, the infirm or the mentally retarded and those who "cling" to their Bibles, who the Soviets declared as mentally incompetent.  In the Union of Soviet Socialists Republics anyone who differed with the state was many times declared insane, and put away, worked to death, or outright killed.  Human life means little to the left. 

We live in a house with a foundation built on sand.