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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Diversity Improves Performance — So They Say

By John Green January 30, 202e

The diversity industry is a collection of consultants and trainers who make wild claims about business practices because they fit the diversity, equity, and inclusion narrative.  They assert that diversity in the workforce is good for business.  According to them, the presence of differing life experiences in the workforce enhances creativity, provides better customer service, and improves the bottom line.  Executive leadership can't go wrong by checking some intersectionality boxes with their employee placement. It's a path to instant success.  Does that sound like a load of garbage to you, too?  .............. 

One executive who has embraced the diversity ideology is Joe Biden.  He's been working to maximize the performance of his administration by checking as many diversity boxes as possible.  He even declared that diversity is his primary staffing selection criterion.  He's determined to prove the claims of the diversity industry, or go down trying.

So how's it working?  Is Biden helping the credibility of the industry "experts"?  Let's take a look at his staffing decisions.............To Read More........ 

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