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Sunday, August 27, 2023

Observations From the Back Row: The Left Contaminates and Destroys All it Touches

Whoever swerves from the path of reality is irrevocably lost in the emptiness of illusions.– Zoltan Kodaly

By Rich Kozlovich


In 2013 it was reported that about 80 percent of NYC high school grands can't read well enough for community college, to the point they had to take remedial reading, writing, and math.  That's after 12 years of being in the grip of teacher's unions in public education, which in 2013 cost $20,331 per student per year.  It now costs $38,000 per student per year.  In ten years that cost almost doubled.  

In that year, out of all of NYC graduates, eleven thousand students applied for community college, and had to take the remedial courses, and "we assume" they can now read, write, and do basic math.  But what about those who didn't apply?  They still can't read, write, or do basic arithmetic.  And how many was that? 

Try and find out the number of students who graduate from NYC high schools.  I can't, no matter how I worded the question.  I got a lot of percentages, but no total number of graduates.  I did find one site that claims in all of the state of New York there were 175,866 graduates in 2021, which seems small, so whether that's accurate or not I can't say, but we can use that number as a basis for calculation and draw some valid conclusions, since we at least have the percentages.

I did a little back door analysis.  The State of New York has 19,184,000 residents and NYC has 8,468,000.  That's about 44% of the state of New York's population.  So I calculated 175,866 times 44% and got 77,381.  That was for 2021, and since so many have fled NYC that number may be smaller than in 2013, but either way, I think we can use that as a basis for my speculatory analysis.  

That means 80% of those 77,381 graduates, there were 61,905 kids who graduated who couldn't read, write, or do basic math.  If 11,000 applied for community college, and took the remedial courses, that means over 66,000 students graduated devoid of the basic skills necessary to succeed in life, and most likely never acquired those skills. 

Currently it costs "New York's average private school tuition is $19,543 per year (2022). The average tuition cost for a private elementary school is $19,728 per year, while the average tuition cost for a private high school is $25,153 per year." 

So, students managed to graduate high school without mastering basic skills?  Really?  How did they "manage" to graduate without those skills?  Oh.....wait..... I know, I know.  They graded themselves.  Right?  Isn't that the way it must have been?  After all, no competent teacher would give a passing grade to a student that didn't earn it, would they?  Public education is a disgrace, teachers over all are a disgrace, teacher's unions are a corrupt disgrace, government bureaucrats overseeing all of this are a disgrace, and quite frankly, criminal in their willingness to tolerate this.

There is one consoling note though.  The unions have practically bankrupted the school systems, they've protected lazy, incompetent, and intellectually inferior teachers to the point it's obvious to the most casual observer, and as a result the time for retribution is nigh!   Let's try to get this right.  If these people were turning out nuts and bolts instead of students, manufacturers would reject them at the loading dock.

The parents of Maryland's Montgomery County Public Schools, filed a law suit demanding to be allowed to decide if their children would have to....have exposed to books promoting "LGBTQ+ ideas and behavior to children in Kindergarten through 5th grade."  The court ruled against them.  After 150 years of insidious corruption the left's ultimate goal of being the absolute moral arbiter for America's children is now here. 

We've completely lost our minds, and it isn't just in America.  The mental instability of leftist thinking has infected all of western civilization.  Here's some of what I've been reading over the weekend, and I think this compilation will confirm a diagnosis of terminal institutional insanity of western civilization.    


On Sunday Eric Utter published this piece, Dare to acknowledge reality at your own risk, where a coach had the audacity to claim men who claim they're women will "typically outperform women in sports." Well, that's a Duh statement of biological fact!  Right?  Not if those in power are insane leftists as those at the Woodstock Union High School.  It turns out they claim it's a violation of their "harassment and bullying policy—for referencing a student “in a manner that questioned the legitimacy and appropriateness of [a] student competing on the girls’ team.” Yes, because that student is a boy. "    

Imagine that, claiming a boy really is a boy.  Shocking!  Eric went on to say:

People in power are now routinely punishing those who are not for stating obvious truths. There is no clearer indication of institutional corruption than that. And there is no clearer sign of impending societal collapse.

In this piece, Women widowed and children orphaned by the cult of ‘trans’,  by Olivia Murray states we must:

Reject modernity, embrace tradition.  For all of human history, if a family man who faced a crisis of identity were to indulge himself and desert his wife and children to live out a fantasy, he would be branded a disgrace … and rightfully so. Selfishness is not, and has never been, a virtue — until today’s contemporary leftists came along!............The interview laid bare the story often swept under the rug by “trans” advocates, with Tracy exposing the reality of what it’s like to be a wife left picking up the pieces after a husband and father comes out as “transgender.” America First Report compiled a list of the interview’s “lowlights” some of which are below:

What we see here is a total embrace by professionals and officials of a fantasy, and one that has long term negative consequences which will be devastating to society, and to so many of these individuals. 


As I said, this 1984 insanity isn't just an American mental disorder.  In Germany a judge ruled against the German government’s mask mandates, saying:

Judge Dettmar is now set to lose his legal career and pension, along with being handed a two-year suspended prison sentence for allegedly “perverting the law.”.........police raid on his home and his office, conducted only weeks after his ruling was overturned, seized his electronic devices, including his mobile phone, which contained private correspondence that allegedly revealed his bias against lockdown measures.

It turns out he had the audacity to seek out the advice of scientists and experts on the subject.  How outrageous is that?  And it gets worse.  Prosecutors aren't satisfied.  They want stronger penalties.  Sieg Heil!  Obedience to the state is the overriding theme of leftism, irrespective of facts, reality, or morality, and I do wish more people saw one of the finest movies ever produced, Judgment at Nuremberg.   

Judge Dan Haywood: Janning, to be sure, is a tragic figure. We believe he loathed the evil he did. But compassion for the present torture of his soul must not beget forgetfulness of the torture and death of millions by the government of which he was a part..... But this trial has shown that under the stress of a national crisis, men - even able and extraordinary men - can delude themselves into the commission of crimes and atrocities so vast and heinous as to stagger the imagination.......

Ernst Janning: Judge Haywood... the reason I asked you to come: Those people, those millions of people... I never knew it would come to that. You must believe it, You must believe it!  

Judge Dan Haywood: Herr Janning, it "came to that" the first time you sentenced a man to death you knew to be innocent.

The left is now and has always been evil.  That's history and that history is incontestable.  

Illegal Immigration

If there ever was an issue that highlights the flawed foundational values of the Biden administration, leftists and the Democrat party, this certainly ranks high up on that list.  While sending billions to Ukraine, spending untold amounts of money on illegal aliens, providing for all their needs; housing, food, medical care, even efforts to fund higher education benefits for them, we find the disability claims of 32,000 veterans have been delayed claiming it's all a processing problem.  Some have died waiting for them to fix this "processing" problem.  Well, maybe the nation's heroes should be put on the same list as illegal aliens.  Maybe that would speed up that process.  

I keep thinking at some point America will reach the

In New York they're finding all this "virtue signaling feel good sanctuary" stuff for illegal aliens has consequences, and guess what?  They're in a crisis.  Imagine that!  Of course when all the illegal aliens were in border states that was just fine and dandy, and anyone who spoke up was a xenophobic racist. But now they're being shipped to New York daily.  Now reality is reaching it's apex, and what are they claiming?  This situation is unsustainable!  Imagine that! Schadenfreude! 

Unsustainable, and yet their illegal alien population is a fraction of that in Southern states.  Reality really bites doesn't it?  So, one has to wonder when they're going to have to state publicly, and loudly, the real problem is Joe Biden, his incompetent, corrupt, and treasonous administration, and Democrat leadership in total, and their policies?  

Now the Congress is refusing to bail New York out of the mess their Democrat leaders have created.  In short, they voted for this mess, they created this mess, let them live with this and fix this mess with their money.  Then again, they could start demanding Biden enforce America's immigration laws.   Or will that still be racist and xenophobic?   Never gonna happen.  These "leaders" would happily sacrifice America to stay in power.  

Then again, maybe these leaders won't have a choice.  Watch: New Yorkers Protesting Migrant Camps Chant ‘Pasty White Liberals’ at Open Borders Activist.  It turns out they've come to the conclusion all this is "unfair"! Remarkable! And, "their tax dollars" shouldn't be supporting all this.  Amazing!  Well, no one wrote the Book of Fair, and it's been my observation what's fair all depends on whose ox is being gored. 

Trump Indictment

In this piece, America Gets Mugged By Democrats Tom Tradup notes:

Ever since rogue George Soros-backed Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg set his sights on Donald J. Trump, Democrats have been wagging their tongues like a blind dog’s tail in a meat market…  It didn’t happen under Alvin Bragg........But this past Thursday, Democrats at long last grabbed their brass ring: President Trump.......was subjected to a mugshot by a Lilliputian sheriff called Patrick.......“We treat everybody equally.”  Of course that must mean Fani Willis must also be charged since she pushed election fraud theories herself in the past. SO WILL SHE INDICT HERSELF, and will this puppet sheriff mug her?

Give it to John Kennedy.  He's outraged at this lawfare insanity intended to destroy innocent people in order to fix the outcome of the 2024 election, all the while massive crimes, including treason, can be laid in the feet of Joe Biden and his crime family, and not only isn't Joe Biden being charged, or investigated, the very serious crimes committed by Hunter are not only being ignored, the DOJ is working to cover them up, and again, forty-two percent of respondents view Biden favorably.  While the media was ecstatic over Trump being "mugged", that mug shot has been a real shot in the arm for Trump, as most Americans see this for what it is, political banana republic persecution, and donations to his campaign are skyrocketing. 

Crime is King

America's major cities are done.  Crime is out of control, and the insane things Democrats are saying is frightening.  As an example, that dimwit nitwit L.A. Mayor Bass, claims, failing to punish criminals isn't the cause behind all the retail theft destroying L.A.   Of course her pro-crime policies have nothing to do with this massive upsurge.  No, it's because these companies are making money, hense, that forces thugs to rob them.  So, what's the solution? Don't sell $10,000 purses and that won't force thugs to rob you.  Simple, or simpleton?   

Here's the reality, corporations see increased sales but plummeting profits thanks to wide scale retail theft, and Democrats refuse to acknowledge there's a connection between loose crime control, and crime, now it's more lucrative to rob and steal than work for a living.  Consequence?  Companies are moving.  

Then we have Gavin Newsom who claims guns are the number one killer of children, which is simply false, and of course the solution is pass more strict gun laws this will end! But reality is always the sticking factor with the left.  As it turns out 7 were injured during a shooting in heavily gun controlled Massachusetts.  They have red flag laws, bans on high capacity magazines, universal background checks, gun owner licensing, and gun storage laws, and yet what do we find is the foundational problem?  Culture!   This took place during the Boston Caribbean Carnival, and shock of shocks,  “there is a history of violent incidents that have taken place around Caribbean festivals in Boston and Cambridge.”

John Hinderaker asks, Is Crime Unacceptable?  And the answer must be...well...yes it is, that is if we ask:

..........what are these retailers doing to defend themselves? Are they standing up for law enforcement? Are they supporting politicians who defend law enforcement? Are they lobbying for stiffer criminal penalties for organized shoplifting rings? Are they doing anything to defend and uphold a culture that disapproves of theft? Or are they going along with trendy liberal dogmas that undermine the rule of law?

It's clear to the most causal observer who is responsible and what the source of the problem is, but American industry has been contaminated with leftist thinking and insanity regarding all this diversity, equity and inclusion, and they've abandoned those foundational principles that keep a society stable. 

A though from Thomas Sowell’s Social Justice Fallacies:

Among the innumerable follies occasioned by such a conception of racial identity, he suggests, was the housing bubble and market collapse of 2008. The debacle began, Mr. Sowell reminds us, with the widespread belief on the part of regulators that banks were discriminating against black mortgage applicants. It was true that black applicants were turned down more often than white applicants for the same loans, but it was also true that white applicants were turned down more often than Asian-Americans. So were banks discriminating against white applicants? No, the difference had to do with the average credit ratings of whites, blacks and Asians.

The left destroys all the foundational values that make for a stable society, and it starts with the most important part of that foundation. Family!  Public education as we know it started in America in the late 19th century, and it was done by socialists, with the goal of making sure "the apple fell as far away from the tree" as possible, making sure it wasn't the parents or the churches that would be the moral arbiter for America children, but the state.  That effort to destroy the family has been a continues effort, and is now reached it's apex.

The left is and always has been insidious and mendacious.  D. Parker posted this article, How do we resist the corrupted and crooked fascist far left? on August 27, noting the left is incompetent, it lies, corrupt to the core, projects what they're doing on to others, and spew out logical fallacies.  Without those tools they have nothing, that means standing firm and exposing them for who and what they are, "collectivists with horrible ideas who have elevated the sordid skill of lying to an art form". 

Every thing the left embraces, and everything the left forces on humanity, has long term destructive consequences to society.  Whether it's public and higher education, or it involves forced vaccinations with chemical compounds that are in reality not true vaccines but gene altering chemical compounds, this transsexual revolution, the acceptance of criminal behavior as a new normal, or abandonment of the nation's sovereignty and control of our borders, the long term negative consequences will destroy America.'

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