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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Here's a Shocker For Ya: Francis Suarez Gives Up Presidential Race

By Rich Kozlovich 

Yesterday Hannah Bleau ran this piece, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez Suspends Presidential Campaign, and I'm betting the vast majority of Americans are going say....Who?  And the majority of those who know who he is will say:  Who cares?  But I have to give this man an "A" for class, as he's going out with class. 

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez has suspended his presidential campaign two months after its initial launch.........after failing to meet the Republican National Committee’s (RNC) criteria, despite expressing confidence in doing so less than a week away from the debate.............If you can’t meet the minimum thresholds, you shouldn’t be trying to take time and volume away from people that do,” ..........“I don’t think candidates should just sort of linger around if they don’t have a credible path,” he added.

In my Runners, Joggers, and Vocal Spectators: Election 2024, Part III article I reported about him and former Representative Will Hurd of Texas, neither of whom I'd heard of before this.  Hurd had a pro-pro-Trump voting record while in the House, but he seems to be running on a "I hate Trump" platform now.   Suarez doesn't seem to have a platform, but has held views conservatives won't like, and never supported Trump in 2016 or 2020, and from interviews it's clear he's not that knowledgeable about world events, so why did he run?  Hurd views himself as a moderate and Suarez views himself as a conservative.  Imagine that. Trump really does have the ability to draw out the real character in people. 

So Hurd didn't make it to the debate, and it's clear Hurd is done, will he have enough class to walk away?  Will other's also take the high road?  I like Larry Elder, but he's out of it, I hope he goes out with class.  Eventually this will become an issue for those who were part of the debate, like Chris Christie. Now, it's clear Christie has a ton of class, but it's all low, so it really doesn't matter what he does. He owns the Ick Factor outright.

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