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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

The Media is Our Enemy

By Rich Kozlovich

I reported previously how Dean Eduardo PeƱalver of Cornell's famous law school used an official Cornell University web page to condemn Legal Insurrection's William Jacobson for disparaging Black Lives Matter.............. What follows is even worse than anything I and many others had previously imagined despite BLM's long track record of encouraging civil unrest, credibly alleged misuse of 501(c)(3) tax-exempt resources to influence the 2020 presidential election, anti-Semitic hate speech, and anti-Semitic denial of the right of Israel to exist. 

As a Black network committed to transformation, we are particularly grateful to Fidel [Castro] for holding Mama Assata Shakur, who continues to inspire us. We are thankful that he provided a home for Brother Michael Finney Ralph Goodwin, and Charles Hill, asylum to Brother Huey P. Newton, and sanctuary for so many other Black revolutionaries who were being persecuted by the American government during the Black Power era.

Did you know that? No? And the reason why is the media embraces lies and illusion over substance and reality, and that's not imagination, these hard left fanatics really are ugly and unpleasant 
So far, the site has only one post, but it’s a humdinger. “The Leftist Personality: Left-Wing ideology as a biological phenomenon” catches your eye instantly with the header image: a montage of mug shots from the 2020 riots. Admittedly, mug shots seldom do people any favors, but this collection of dyed, shaved, and tattooed people—with the men sporting the faded remnants of make-up and the women, to be blunt, being coyote ugly—really does tell a story about what kind of people take to the streets for leftist protests.
One has to conclude there's something seriously wrong with these people, and have no doubt in your minds, they really hate us, in fact, leftists hate humanity, and truth be told, they hate themselves, and the media is the agar and Petri dish in which their hate and vile behavior grows, thrives and spreads like an infectious plague on humanity.

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