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Saturday, December 9, 2023

P&D and The Week That Was

Truth is the Sublime Convergence of History and Reality

De Omnibus Dubitandum (Everything is to be questioned)

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By Rich Kozlovich

Another week has passed, and I didn't realize just how busy I was this week. Six gazettes organizing many of my saved drafts, with more to come, and nine commentaries of my own.  

This week's commentaries, 24 of them, are really excellent.  

Clarity requires definition, and we need to pay attention to the lessons, and facts, of history to be able to defining things properly.  This week's offerings do that ... a lot!  

We must understand, what we're facing today started with Teddy Roosevelt's administration, expanded upon by the Wilson administration and put permanently in place by the FDR administration.  All traitors to their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. A pattern leading to the corruption of the agencies of the federal government by Obama creating what we call The Deep State. 

Global warming is a massive scientific fraud, just as the covid scare mongering was. Both of which were part and parcel of a vision to impose a socialist world wide tyrannous form of government on the world.  Hello World: We have a problem.   

Efforts to hide all the corruption and crime perpetrated by Biden and his family is even making the left uneasy, not because of the crimes they committed, but that's all that crime is being exposed, and more importantly, clearly demonstrated the dual standard of justice being practiced by this third Obama administration,  and the misuse of the rule of law by leftists to silence anyone who stand against them.   The fascist tyranny being practiced by Democrats is painfully obvious, yet who is called a tyrant and a fascist by the left and the media?  Trump.  If you eliminated all the projection, lies, misdirection, logical fallacies, and cognitive dissonance from virtually everything these misfits say, they wouldn't be able to talk at all. 

The left is so worried that if Trump is elected he's going to do to them what they've been doing to him and all of his supporters, and he will.  But there's a difference. Unlike all these people they're prosecuting, have prosecuted, or are trying to prosecute, they've actually committed crimes. 

I hope you will enjoy this week's offerings.

My Gazettes:

  1. My Gazette: AG Ken Paxton Lawfare
  2. My Gazette: January 6th Videos
  3. My Gazette: Israeli/HAMAS War, Islamification of the West, Part I
  4. My Gazette: Argentina, Javier Milei, December 6, 2023
  5. My Gazette: Speaker Johnson, December 6, 2023
  6. My Gazette: Greet Wilders, December 6, 2023
My Commentaries, By Rich Kozlovich
  1. The climate agenda is blatantly anti-progress and anti-human By Joe Bastardi
  2. Will Pandemic-Era Election Laws Crush Republicans Again? Leeza K. Donner
  3. Political Blackmail – Biden Blasts GOP Border Demands By James Fite
  4. This is Why America Forgot How to Win By Daniel Greenfield
  5. Muslim Lives Matter. Jewish Lives Don’t.  By Daniel Greenfield
  6. American Jews Never Learned to Fight Leftist Jew-Hatred  By Daniel Greenfield
  7. No Truce With Terrorists  By Daniel Greenfield
  8. The Nazi Roots of Hamas  By Daniel Greenfield
  9. The Unhinged Among Us By Victor Davis Hanson
  10. Weimar America By Victor Davis Hanson
  11. Prepared Transcript Of Joe Biden’s Speech To The Nation About Antisemitism (Satire) By Robin Itzler
  12. Patriot Neighbors: Definition Leads to Clarity. Clarity Lead to Understanding! By Robin Itzler
  13. Another Conflict In Which The Left Has No Interest: Venezuela/Guyana By Francis Menton
  14. Fraudulent Emergency Spending By Dan Mitchell
  15. Industrial Policy and Mitchell’s Law By Dan Mitchell
  16. The IMF’s Campaign to Keep Poor Countries Impoverished By Dan Mitchell
  17. Debunking Deceptive Class-Warfare Data By Dan Mitchell
  18. Another Great Moment in Government-Run Healthcare By Dan Mitchell
  19. The George Floyd Effect: A Legacy of Economic Disaster By John Moran
  20. Just Raise Taxes to Solve America’s Fiscal Nightmare? – Swamponomics By John Moran
  21. FBI’s Wray Sees Highest Risk of Attack on United States in Years By Dave Patterson
  22. Hamas Atrocities Revealed as Israel Renews Attacks By Dave Patterson
  23. COP 28: UN fashion police and Kamala’s cash By Craig Rucker
  24. COP 28: UN targets America By Craig Rucker
I've separated this two in order to highlight them.  Worth reading!
  1. Pearl Harbor: Why was it chosen? What did FDR know? What was Stalin's role? Was it a sneak attack?
  2. Roosevelt’s Vicious Assault on the Bill of Rights 
Russo/Ukraine War
  1. Ukraine has no path to victory and the war has become a massive sunk cost, yet Congress is about to send $60 billion more taxpayer dollars to Zelensky

Fruits of the Israel/Hamas War

  1. Two Iraqi Migrants Brutally Gang Rape a Woman for Hours – Considered 'Integrated' and Allowed to Stay in Sweden (With My Take)
  2. How Were the Universities Lost?
  3. U.N. Adopts Eight Resolutions Condemning Israel, None Condemning Hamas -- Or Anyone Else
  4. Biden drops sanctions -- and another war happens
  5. College Students Revel in Blissful Ignorance at Pro-Gaza Rallies
  6. American universities an existential threat
  7. UPenn Loses a $100 Million Donation Over Its President's Kill All the Jews Trip-Up
  8.  The Unbearable Mediocrity of the Ivy League (With Added Links)

Now this is something from WaPo that's encouraging.  Just too short lived. 

  1. Washington Post Staffers Go On Strike From Destroying America
COP 28
  1. My day at COP28
  2. Wordsmithing and CO2
Leftist Thinking and Politics Is Monstrous

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