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Saturday, May 20, 2023

Electric Vehicles Can Change the World, But Won't Change the Climate

By Rich Kozlovich

Do these misfits really believe the world is on the eve of destruction over climate change?  Does anyone really believe the world can change from fossil fuels driven vehicles to electric driven vehicles?  Do any of these misfit activists really believe it matters? 

On May 17, 2023 Jack Hellner posted this piece, "Why would anyone believe these people can control temperatures, sea levels, and storm activity forever?", regarding the insanity behind this economic and socially destructive drive over the blatantly false claims about catestrophic anthropogenic global warming, or climate change since the world isn't warming, saying:

The people who say they can control the climate forever if we are forced to buy electric cars and give up a lot of other stuff somehow can't figure out how to have AM radio stations without interference from electric vehicles

So, what's the answer to that little problem? Get rid of AM in car radios.  And what about those silly spare tires you don't need in an electric car?  Didn't know that?  Yes, there's no room in these cars because of the batteries, but don't worry, if you happen to have a luxury electric car, there's a service Mercedes-Benz EQC-400 offers so you can press a button and get Mercedes on the phone and get them to send a tow truck.  The driver notes:

“I’ve spoken to them, they’re sending a tow truck,".....“Quick five minutes on the phone, a $200 cab charge voucher to get home, [and the] car’s going to get towed to Mercedes and the car’s going to be fixed tomorrow apparently.......”

So now they're no longer stranded, and the driver, who clearly has a screw loose was so impressed with how Mercedes handled this.  Yet, one reader noted needing a tow truck, a taxi cab home, and a day or two to get the car back, and that was just to fix a flat tire, a problem that could have taken less than thirty minutes if there was a spare, is far from impressive.  Also, what are the options if you don't own a luxury electric car?  What if you're in an area where cell phones have no reception?  Are you stranded and left to the mercy of circumstance? 

Mr. Hellman goes on to make twenty-four keen and cogent observations, which amounts to the fact if the world descends into creating electricity via alternative energy production, such as solar and wind, it will be impossible to supply sufficient energy for our homes and businesses let alone electric vehicles.  

Batteries are far from safe and can unexpectedly catch fire, and extremely difficult to put out.  And if the battery for some reason won't work, it can't be fixed.  It must be replaced, and there aren't sufficient charging stations, and the distances that can be driving before recharging is small, and that distance become much smaller during winter months, and shorter if you foolishly use the heater, the radio and windshield wipers.  Imagine needing any silly stuff like that in winter.   Also, you had under no circumstance be hauling anything.  That can drop travel distance by as much as 70 percent.  It gets better.  To fully charge a battery can take up to "7 to 10 hours to fully charge many EVs using a Level 2 charger."

And it just keeps getting better and better.  It appears if temperatures rise to over 86 degrees, the heat reduces travel distances, and while it's claimed these batteries can last between ten and twenty years in a perfect climate, extreme temperatures at either end of the climate spectrum seriously reduce life expectancy.  Remember that battery that couldn't be fixed and has to be replaced?  It can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000.

Hellman goes on to describe the very unpleasant geopolitical and social consequences of this insane EV drive, and they're not pretty, and makes these absolutely valid observations:

And the last problem is this. Even if all the predictions were true and we all changed to electric, the temperature would only be reduced by a few 10ths of a degree in 80 years. Anyone who believes that prediction when the weather can't be predicted even for tomorrow should see if they have lost their ability to think. Why would we spend trillions, greatly destroy our quality of life, and destroy industries that directly and indirectly employ tens of millions to supposedly adjust temperatures by a minuscule amount?  

Everyone should remember that all previous dire predictions have been false. Why would new ones be better?

For over twenty years I've been writing about this insanity regarding anthropogenic global warming, and how it was nothing but scientific fraud.  The Hockey Stick and the claims from the East Anglia crowd have been shown by so many to be junk science.  How did I know that?  It was easy.  I always start with the premise that if it's coming from the left, or their secular religion known as environmentalism, it's a lie!   

But that's just the premise, because I really do care about truth, so then I spend a lot of time researching the information, and that includes reading all sides of an issue.   And invariably, once I've done that, I find their claims really are all lies.  Lies of commission, lies of omission, logical fallacies, data dredging, conclusions in search of data, and especially unproven and unprovable claims and speculation.  

The fact is if electric vehicles are forced on humanity, it would dramatically alter the world economically and socially, but it will not change the world climatically.   

I recommend reading all of Jack Hellner's commentary, it really is excellent! 

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