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Monday, May 15, 2023

The Counterattack of Reason

For some time, optimists like me have had to work hard to keep believing that reason will prevail. I now think, as reality sets in, my faith in reason, though too long delayed, is not unwarranted. This week is, I think, the beginning of the end for some nutty thinking and policies. 

Global Warming - I’ve always believed that destroying the world’s economies and impoverishing poor people around the globe in a narcissistic belief that man can control the climate was lunacy. More research revealed every week justifies my belief that this war on reliable, plentiful fossil fuels has been pure hokum. This week, the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) took a major hit to its credibility.........

Reparations - The nonsensical notion fanned by California’s Governor Gavin Newsom for votes that a state which never had slavery should compel those who never owned slaves to pay those who never were slaves, seems to have hit the rocks of reality. The reparations panel he installed to look into this was endorsing payments as high as $1.2 million for every black California resident. At this point, looking at a huge budget deficit, not incidentally due to the Democrat mismanagement of his state, Newsom blinked. It was reported that he denied he meant “cash reparations” and then, in the face of blowback from disappointed grifters, his spokesman denied that he meant what had been reported...................

Illegal Immigration - As Biden’s open-border policies have allowed in without tracking millions of illegal aliens, governors of the most affected states have started shipping them north to cities where Democrat politicians have long signaled their virtue by declaring themselves sanctuary cities. Now they are claiming these relatively small numbers of immigrants are more than they can handle. The reliably leftist Politico reports “New York is being destroyed by the migrant crisis.” David Burge (the Great Iowahawk) responds

DEI Corruption of Education - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are means of destroying meritocracy and Republican majority state legislatures are finally responding.  A number of states are now demanding to know how much money is being spent on DEI programs.  Once voters realize how much money has been spent on this pernicious nonsense, it is likely to be scrapped..........To Read More...


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