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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The Border, The Economy, China, Fentanyl, Chocolate Milk (Guess Which One Biden Chooses?)

By ——--May 22, 2023

Sigh. When I see polls that show Biden’s approval rate is hovering around 38-40 percent, I can’t believe it. Some would think that is low, but I honestly can’t believe that there are that many Americans who are blind. Who in their right mind would vote for this incapacitated meat puppet? In around 28 months, Biden has proved to be beyond an unmitigated disaster. He has destroyed our border security, destroyed our energy independence, increased cartel activity including the deadly drug fentanyl, increased inflation to its highest rate in at least 45 years, inspired the radicalized left to promote transgenderism, which essentially has destroyed our educational system through division and has weakened us on every front in the view of the world.

Instead of addressing the REAL issues of the day, meaningful things that will help all U.S. Citizens, Sad, Sad, Sad, Uncle Joe instead spends his time piddling in matters that the petulant brats that make up his administration bring to his very limited attention. ............. To Read More

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