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Monday, May 15, 2023

Leftism Will Rule Over the Rubble

| May 14, 2023 | , ,

The word is ‘dysfunctionality.’ The year, circa 2023. The state of the world is perilous and bleak, brought on by global, international totalitarianism. The mood and morale of people throughout the world is pessimism, defeatism, and fatalism. This is the state of our broken world............the same corrupt pathological condition that has plagued the world with wars, guerilla warfare, indoctrination, misinformation campaigns, gulags, and unprecedented violence since the start of the twentieth century, and which governs today: Marxist leftism.

There are no coincidences in the social/political world that the current strands of leftism dominate....... The current strands of leftism’s divide-and-conquer control over the human psyche are more sophisticated than any form of leftism in prior eras. Besides being savage and opportunistic in its pursuit of ‘the ends justify the means,’ today’s leftism can best be described as demonic......

Marxism is akin to chameleons that change their color according to their environment. Chameleons and Marxism change their color in order to survive .........creates self-hating collectivists, morally corrupt, and spiritually debased people who cannot function in society.....creates dysfunctional societies........ which operates on sedition and treason, employs fifth columnists who corrupt and destroy Western democracies from within by undermining institutions, the legal process, government agencies, the free press, and the churches............a blood sport with the left, to desecrate, destroy, loot, and siphon the life-affirming force from Western values and mores. The effect of this is the creation of societies turned on their head through moral corruption, populations that reel from self-destructive behavior through drugs and aberrant values, cowardly men and women, culturally and historically functional illiterates, and the systematic spread and normalization of mental illness..........To Read More....

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