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Friday, May 26, 2023

Supreme Court Curtails EPA Power in Sackett Case

Ken Klukowski Washington, DC51
The Supreme Court unanimously scaled back the Environmental Protection Agency’s power under the Clean Water Act (CWA) by defining the “waters of the United States” on Thursday in Sackett v. EPA. This is the ongoing saga of the Sackett family. They’re an Idaho couple who bought a lot in a residential neighborhood in 2004 to build a house, and in 2007 started preparing the property for construction. Then the EPA told them that their lot might be a federally protected wetland and that they had to restore and abandon the property or face $40,000 per day in fines.  They were also told that they had no right to take this situation to court because thousands in daily fines were not a “final action” by EPA..........To Read More.....
My Take - Finally!!!! I've been following this case since 2011, and what was obvious to the most casual observer is that the EPA is out of control and needs to be dismantled.  Here's my  file.  

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