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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Our Human Rights Wasteland

The U.S. State Department recently released its annual report on human rights. There was nothing to celebrate. It was a testament to the wasteland where human rights advocacy now resides. In page after page the lengthy volume catalogs “allegations” and “reports” of violations of a constantly expanding list of what are characterized as basic rights, with heavy attention to those issues that attract the most attention in social media. Ruthless, jack-booted campaigns of genocide are eclipsed, for example, by vastly more voluminous reporting of “societal discrimination” in 198 countries.

The report could be Exhibit A in explaining Washington’s slipping reputation among countries that have been our traditional allies. The Biden administration pledged to make human rights a centerpiece of its foreign policy and the report is the scripture from which its new scolding foreign policy is preached. It makes no effort to distinguish fundamental rights of liberty from a rapidly growing list of “rights” now numbering in the scores, which are not fundamental at all but just new claims on the state in support of social-engineering agenda. A policy which embraces everything eventually embraces nothing........To Read More


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