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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Leftist Cancellation is the New Rite of Passage

By Tim O’Brien

If you’re on the Right and the Left cancels you, three things can happen.

The first is you lose your job, your platform, or your relevancy. The most striking examples are people who literally aren’t around to defend themselves. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and of course, Robert E. Lee. Or more recently, John Wayne and Dr. Seuss. Anyone could be a target. This is because their existence or their memory could commit the crime of reminding Americans of their traditional values or history............

The second thing that can happen is that when some try to appease the mob by apologizing or promising to “change my ways,” the Left still will double down to totally destroy them. By apologizing they aided in their own cancellation.  People most vulnerable to this are those dependent on one platform or job to maintain their relevancy.........

The third thing that can happen is relatively new. This is where people on the Right are targeted by the Left and for all intents are cancelled, but they re-emerge stronger than ever. One key to this is that they never apologized. ........To Read More...

 My Take - Leaders very often aren't usually real leaders.  They're just managers who are good at going along to get along and managing the direction that's been chosen by the group, which choice was molded by a handful of activists.  

Real leaders stand up and say, you're all wrong, we're going in the wrong direction, and I'm going to tell you why. Over the course of my life I've found a reality I think is great, and that is:

It isn't important whether or not others like me.  It's only important whether or not I like them.  

Anyone actively taking that view will be on the outside, which frees them from the lemming like thinking of the herd.  That makes it easier to do what you think is right, and reap the rewards or suffer the consequences of those decisions.   I like it there, and I'm more than happy to write those out of my life that have any issues with me or my positions.   If you know you're right, never back down, never give in, never apologize for standing up for what's right.

The desire to go along to get along is inherent in people, and that causes people to abandon views and values in order to fit in.   The choice?  To be or to do.  I fit in with a very small group of like minded people, whose integrity and honor have stood the test of time, and that's been personally rewarding and that small number is sufficient for me.

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