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Monday, March 27, 2023

Leftism is a Twilight Zone Filled With Delusion, Corruption, and Destruction

By Rich Kozlovich

On Saturday published this piece, STOP DIGGING America into a worse financial hole, going on to say:

When I started writing this article the United States nation debt was $31,625, 960,000,000 and the hole was getting deeper by the second—so fast that I couldn’t even capture the right hand six digits. I have a request for the United States Congress, please Stop Digging. In 2023, you are making charges to the credit cards of your unborn great-grandchildren. STOP DIGGING! 

There's a great line in Top Gun where Maverick's commanding officer tells him his ego is writing checks his body may not be able to cash.  Well, the Congress is so busy spending money we don't have, in effect bankrupting future Americans, they failing to deal with reality.  The left has created a Twilight Zone mentality for themselves, and they're trying to make Americans believe the unbelievable, and accept the unacceptable.

The article goes on to note the founding fathers stated their legislative responsibilities had nothing to do with charity, and now we can clearly see why.  It gets totally out of control, and let's face it, they direct that "charity" not from feelings of compassion, but feelings of self interest.  They spend other people's money to get votes for themselves, and in the process, they've abandoned anything that resembles honest compassion or morality. 

's article, DA Alvin Bragg’s Planned Arrest of Donald Trump Originated From A Failed Plan To Replace Bungled J6 Narrative saying:

Was Alvin Bragg’s out-of-the blue, predicted arrest of Donald Trump intended as a Replacement for the Jan. 6 “Insurrection”? A brief look back at the timing of Bragg’s first and so far, failed indictment of the U.S. populist president seems to suggest that. The credibility of the J6 committee was in tatters even before Fox News host Tucker Carlson came along to expose it.

They've been claiming "the walls are close in on Trump", for seven years.  One failed and corrupt attempt after another.  Now we know, factually know, what many of us believed from the beginning,  the January 6 Commission was totally corrupt.  They're now being exposed for the sewer rats they are, especially Kinzinger and Chaney.  But reality cannot be a deterrent, since in their minds there's nothing like another corrupt effort to nail Trump as a distraction from all their abject failures in domestic as well as international issues, and Biden is held in contempt by the international community. To be held in contempt by the contemptible!  Imagine that? 

But the public has had it, and it's blowing up in Alvin Bragg's face, and at some point, he will have to testify before Congress.  Even with Garland as Attorney General, people simply cannot ignore a subpoena from a Congressional committee. 

Eventually, "The Inevitability Factor" comes into play, when reality reaches its apex!  The left lives in a imaginary world where nothing is right, nothing is wrong, imaginary technology can fix the needs of the masses, and more taxes and regulations do not prevent people from living their lives as they wish, spending millions to murder the innocent unborn and calling it health care, telling the world no one needs the police, even organizing people to murder those men in blue who stand between anarchy and civilization, and even more disturbing, they're rewarding them for their criminal behavior.   

And these are the same people who claim if Trump isn't indicted and convicted, America will cease to exist.  

Theirs is a world filled with delusion, stupidity, corruption, and destruction, which is the history of leftism from the French Revolution right up until today.  History that's incontestable.

As the author went on to say:

Can anyone possibly imagine the chaos that will occur if everyone believes that reality is mere perception, that truth doesn't really exist...that we need to accept what isn't so? 

Well, we no longer have to imagine it, we're now living with it.  The Biden Administration is full of people suffering from a serious case of weird compounded by a massive infection of hubris. Universally deluged with big egos, bad attitudes, uncontrolled pettiness, unparalleled incompetence, unbounded arrogance, ignorance without parameters, and intrepid stupidity beyond measure. Their domestic and geopolitical affairs are all unmitigated failures.  

And that's on a good day.


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