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De Omnibus Dubitandum - Lux Veritas

Sunday, March 19, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich 

While I'm no longer sending out notices for P&D, some have expressed the desire to still get my commentaries.  This link will take you there, 

In times past in my life I thought there was limit to just how stupid a society can become.  After all, everyone wants what's good for they and their families.  But, I've concluded that was a stupid assumption on my part, as that was a view in total violation of history and reality, and these few years demonstrate that in spades. 

People will not look behind the curtain. Why? Because they may see things they don't like, and absolutely have no desire say something about it.  Most people want to row with the tide, not against it.    Whether it's all this stupid global warming insanity, or this false pandemic, people are not only falling for this stuff, they're attacking those trying to insert sanity in their lives.  

Take this crap about masks.  I said from the beginning they don't work, and was roundly criticized, and even saw a man chase a woman through a store demanding she wear a mask. And now we absolutely know masks don't work and they're a health hazard, including a mental health hazard for children.  Social distancing didn't work, lockdowns didn't work, quarantines didn't work, and these false vaccinations are killing untold thousands.  And the bugman was right again, and on every one of these issues from the beginning.   Over an over again I've stated this global warming doom and gloom is the greatest scientific fraud ever perpetrated on humanity, with this pandemic fraud running a close second.  

That brings us to this question, and it's a question I've asked over and over again.  If the bugman knew this stuff, how could all these politicians, scientists and doctors not know it?  There's no excuse for what they're doing or for what they've done.

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