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Friday, March 24, 2023

The woke have a sadistic streak

March 23, 2023 By James Lewis

Psychologists have now found good evidence for Sadistic Personality Disorder, a fact that the rest of us could have told them a long time ago. Hitler set his audiences roaring with laughter at his favorite scapegoats, and Karl Marx, a ferocious hater, had nothing good to say  about the French, the Jews, the Russians, all but the Prussians, because Marx was a Prussian militarist who turned his idealized state into a Communist Prussia.
Sadism occurs in politics when things get very vicious. It is an omen of violence to come. In the US the great practitioner of sadistic preaching is the Reverend Louis Farrakhan, and if you turn off the sound on your computer you can see the ancient facial expression of laughter at darkness – the frown and the happy smile at the very same time. I would guess that Farrakhan has practiced this in his mirror every morning for years.
But sadism doesn't discriminate between races. In cartoons and comics the sadistic smile appears over and over again - as in Batman's joker. Images of Satan often feature the sadistic smile, and scientists speculate that the Gombe Chimp War of the early 1970s had many ferocious scenes of chimps biting in rage as they literally tore apart their enemies............To Read More...


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