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Friday, March 24, 2023

The Only Thing Better Than Watching A Liberal Eat Their Words Is Watching Them Choke On Them

Wake up San Francisco, while there are still some clean spots on your sidewalks and people willing to stick around to walk on them

By ——--March 22, 2023

Liberal policies are failing everywhere. When they do It is absolutely necessary to shine a bright light upon the failures so maybe, just maybe voters will stop electing these ideological screwballs into office. Out in feces covered San Francisco, the City Supervisor Hillary Ronen, is now not just eating her words she’s choking on them. Obviously, Ronen has never heard the quote, “Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it,” but then again she graduated from Berkley, so it’s understandable.

Ronen first took office in 2017 and was then re-elected in November of 2020. While she was in office, she hitched her wagon to the George Soros backed District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who based his 2019 campaign almost entirely on what this idiot believed was justice reform. Boudin promised to end mass incarceration, to end cash bail, to establish a unit to review alleged wrongful convictions, to aggressively prosecute police misconduct, and to refuse to provide any assistance to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials...............

For conservatives, it’s hard to imagine that someone can be this blind and tone deaf, and yet it comes so natural to the Marxist left..............At a Budget and Appropriations Committee meeting last week, Ronen unbelievably tried to spin her woke recklessness on the very police force she verbally denigrated and crippled financially.

“I’ve been begging this department to give Mission what it deserves in terms of police presence all year long and I’ve been told time and time again there are no officers that we can send to Mission..........It Hurts and I feel betrayed by the department. I feel betrayed by the mayor. I feel betrayed by the priorities of the city.”

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