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Thursday, March 23, 2023

Is half information disinformation?

March 20th, 2023 190 Comments 

The Media (in this case the WAPO) is at it again. There is no natural event they will not blame climate change for. The latest one to question and expose their ignorance to the other side of the story or purposeful hiding of it is with their claim that your allergies are getting worse because of Climate Change.

Springs are supposedly warmer and earlier. They used the eastern non-winter this year as proof, amazingly unaware that March would turn this cold and another late spring the way March and April are evolving for the country. We have been showing this on Weatherbell since February as the combination of the major stratospheric warming event and a shift in the MJO forcing would mean colder-than-average weather for much of the nation well into April.

To view both sides of the story, I am going to include a google search link on this matter.

It is not just the Washington Post. They are the object of my ire now because I can visibly take apart their graphic. But they simply ECHO what is out there. Funny, if Woodward and Bernstein simply echoed what they were told do you think we would have gotten to the bottom of that situation? But it is the same thing across the board in everything today. I can’t understand how a nation that was built on confronting the challenges of the hard facts we faced is going to survive if we no longer have all of those facts. You outsource your future to those that wish to control it, then you will have no future.

Look at this:..................To Read More....

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