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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Is Ukraine DeSantis’s First Big Mistake?

Ron DeSantis struck a moderate note in his recent comments on the war in Ukraine, drawing criticism from many Republicans. The Wall Street Journal headlines: “Pence and Other Potential GOP 2024 Rivals Pounce on DeSantis Over Ukraine Aid.”

Former Vice President Mike Pence, without mentioning Ron DeSantis by name, rebuked the Florida governor Saturday for his isolationist approach to the war in Ukraine.

Isolationist approach? Seriously?

A sharp divide inside the GOP over U.S. involvement in Ukraine has made Mr. DeSantis the target of widespread Republican criticism for suggesting America should focus on problems closer to home.

The Journal quotes a number of Republicans, and some “Republicans” like Bill Kristol:

Bill Kristol, co-founder of the now-closed conservative Weekly Standard magazine and a critic of Mr. Trump, said he thinks there is room in the GOP primary for a candidate more supportive of Ukraine, and more critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin, than are Messrs. DeSantis and Trump.

No doubt that is true, and that lane is already filled by Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, and no doubt others in due course. But what did DeSantis actually say that has generated such controversy?..........To Read More...

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