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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

UN Calls for Economic Ruin to 'Diffuse the Climate Time-Bomb'

Spencer Brown Spencer Brown  March 20, 2023 
The generally pointless and chronically hypocritically United Nations is back to preaching about climate change rather than taking meaningful action to punish bad actions by nations such as China, Russia, and Iran. This time, the global wokescolds at the UN are calling for massive acceleration of "climate" efforts that include ending oil, gas, and coal — and redistributing wealth on a global scale to achieve its goal of "net zero" emissions worldwide. 

The latest nonsense came on Monday from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) via a new report declaring that "[h]umanity is on thin ice – and that ice is melting fast" while also blaming humans for "virtually all global heating over the last 200 years" that has caused the "rate of temperature rise in the last half century" to become "the highest in 2,000 years."

According to the UN, the concentration of carbon dioxide is also at its "highest in at least two million years" and the "climate time-bomb is ticking." 

Conveniently, and by design, the UN claims to have the "survival guide for humanity" that will "diffuse the climate time-bomb." As always, the answer from the UN is more centralized nongovernmental control over nations of the world to inflict policies that will leave economies — including the United States' — in ruin.............To Read More....


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