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De Omnibus Dubitandum - Lux Veritas

Thursday, March 23, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich 

While I'm no longer sending out notices for P&D, some have expressed the desire to still get my commentaries.  This link to will take you there.  


Short list today with three commentaries, and three links, each and every one demonstrates the existential crises leftists have put the nation in. Whether it involves energy, climate, geopolitics, domestic issues, or any issue on the table right now, never underestimate the Biden administration's ability to turn anything messy into a disaster. 

  • Language is now malleable.  Words mean nothing now, and they're destroying anything that's foundationally solid intellectually. 
  • Crime is exploding and their goal is to make it appear that's not a problem, but those who are fighting crime are the problem, and are racists to boot. 
  • Economically the left, and their allies who claim to be on the right, have placed our financial system in an extremely fragile state.   
  • Biden's blunders are destroying America, and there are those who claim none of his actions are blunders, but directed attempts to destroy America, and I think they're right.
  • His administration filled with incompetents, traitors, misfits, racists and freaks.   

Is it any wonder the world is laughing at Biden and that America is being disrespected internationally. A President who ran out of Afghanistan leaving Americans to fend for themselves and billions of dollars of military equipment behind is now demanding America stand with Ukraine unconditionally and give them billions of untraced dollars and billions of dollars of advanced military equipment, depleting America's military stocks, and further bankrupting the nation. 

The base morality of the left is hate, envy, greed, lust and violence.  That's who they are, that's who they've always been, and that's who they will always be, because they hate and despise God.   They've abandoned all the traditional foundational morality that created western civilization as we know it, so what else can you expect? 

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 Constant as the North Star


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