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Friday, March 17, 2023

P&D Today

Fixing Education in America is Job One

De Omnibus Dubitandum

By Rich Kozlovich 

While I'm no longer sending out notices for P&D, some have expressed the desire to still get my commentaries.  This link will take you there, 

Voter fraud brought a man with a history of corruption, lying, stupidity, and incompetence into the Presidency of the United States.  What could possibly go wrong?  Everything!!!!!  We're now facing The Inevitability Factor!  That's when the awfulness of these delusional philosophical concepts and policy decisions reaches it apex, and finally force everyone to come face to face with reality.  The nation is, right now, facing an existential crisis, and all I've published here us a small demonstration of how bad it is, and this is the tip of the iceberg.  

Special Feature:  Dr. Tim Ball, a Great Teacher Who Deserved the Order of Canada


  1. Wokes Can’t Beat the Culture They’re Destroying By Daniel Greenfield
  2. Daniel Greenfield Unleashed (Multiple Links)
  3. Countdown To New York's Rendezvous With Energy Impossibility By Francis Menton
  4. Green Initiatives Didn't Save California. God Did!  By Rich Kozlovich
  5. Bank Crashes Are Coming By Rich Kozlovich (Multiple Links)
  6. How Did We Get Here: The Coming Standardization for Policy Implementation of ESGBy Kimberlee Josephson


  1. The UN Declares War on the 'Poison of Islamophobia'
  2. Utah kids told to eat bugs to save the earth and get class credit
  3. Maryland Democrats propose eliminating a murder felony for anyone under the age of 25
  4. Rough Time for Fake News: Trust in Media in the Sewer
  5. OMG: James O’Keefe Launches ‘O’Keefe Media Group’
  6. The Jan 6 Incident: A Red Flag for Mike Pence’s Presidential Bid
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