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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Questioning the January 6 Aftermath

Tucker Carlson’s release of January 6th footage raises questions about the status of free speech and due process of law. For more than two years, politicians, media, and big tech have worked together to proliferate a narrative: January 6th was an entirely “violent insurrection,” and according to Vice President Kamala Harris, even on par with the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the September 11th terrorist attacks. Department of Justice (DoJ) prosecutors have worked diligently to publicize and penalize all participants, including the peaceful ones, to the most severe extent possible.  

On March 3, 2023, during the “True Stories of January 6” panel at CPAC, some of the peaceful participants of the migrated Save America rally (often referred to as J-6ers) described the day and its aftermath. Yes, there was undoubtedly violence. But not all of protestors were violent, not even most. Like their fellow Americans who were horrified at the dominant media coverage of protestors breaking windows and wreaking havoc in and around the west side of the Capitol, the panelists all strongly condemned the violence. ........To Read More....

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