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Sunday, March 19, 2023

When The Left Gets in Your Face

Scott Hogenson Scott Hogenson Mar 18, 2023 

If you have ever lived or worked in a large city you probably have been verbally accosted a time or two. You’re just walking down the street minding your own business when all of a sudden, for no reason, some random guy notices you have a face and gets in it. 

It happened to me regularly when I worked in Washington, DC. Sometimes they demand money. Sometimes they want to loudly tell a tale of woe. Sometimes they’re just delusional. Whatever the reason, something about them is clearly not right. 

In 2011, the Journal of Language and Social Psychology published the findings of a group of researchers who postulated that people most prone to this sort of behavior were, “individuals who scored low in adherence to the standards of conventional morality but high in ego defensiveness (unwillingness to accept criticism or correction from others) and affect intensity for anger and frustration.”

This finding may be unsurprising but it establishes a clinical baseline for figuring out what’s wrong with these people. Ordinarily, understanding such behavior wouldn’t be top of mind for most of us. But in recent years, the American Left has ratcheted-up its agitation on a variety of issues, and we sometimes find ourselves in the crosshairs of unhinged people who, with no provocation at all, want to get in our face and agitate on their issue du jour. .............To Read More..

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