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Sunday, March 19, 2023

Dutch Farmers will probably be the majority party in the Netherlands’ Parliament

March 18, 2023 By Andrea Widburg

Last year, the Dutch government announced that it would seize 30% of Dutch farms to save the climate. This year, polling shows that the newly formed Boer-Burger Beweging (BBB), the farmers’ party, will be the largest single party in Parliament. However, the nature of the parliamentary system is that they still won’t have power, as it’s likely that two leftist parties will join for a voting majority.

For a long time, I’ve said that the left is returning us to a medieval world, one in which the world is dominated by a small group of rich, all-powerful aristocrats. The remainder of the people consists of a slightly larger group of “tradespeople” (i.e., the middle class), and a huge cohort of powerless, impoverished people who live in a world of darkness and hunger.

I’ve since rethought my theory. We’re not medieval, we’re Roman. The medieval world was a Biblical world, while we have reverted to a pagan world, complete with Earth worship and an intense focus on child sexuality. Ironically, though, it’s the powerful people’s Earth worship, though, that may change Holland’s political system for the better................ To Read More..

My Take - I can't believe the Dutch are going to stand for this.   At some point I expect to see a revolution all over Europe over their insane green initiatives and immigration.  Europe's doomed, get over it. 

Dutch Farmer’s Crisis: The Makings of a Famine to Come, by The Daily Wire’s Jordan Peterson interviewed international migration expert Michael Yon and Dutch independent journalist Eva Vlaardingerbroek recently to discuss the farmer’s crisis in Holland.  If you weren’t aware the Dutch farmers have been under the yoke of their purportedly conservative government’s “climate crisis” policy changes for nearly ten years........Citing environmental concerns the farmers are now being told some fifty percent of them will have to “voluntarily” sell their land, which in reality is a coercive means of grabbing the land by the government says Vlaardingerbroek.  Current Dutch policy forbids them from selling in the open market essentially leaving them one choice – to sell to the government.  This has led to massive protests by the Dutch farmers, similar to the truckers who protested Trudeau’s COVID anti-freedom vaccine demands last year that saw Trudeau freezing the bank accounts of those who protested..............As Vlaardingerbroek explains the government has repeatedly issued demands of the farmers in regard to what are and are not acceptable practices.  Long one of the most efficient farming people in the world, responsible for the largest relative agricultural output on the planet, the Dutch farmers are facing catastrophic consequences thanks to the ever shifting sands of their leader’s policy changes.  After years of bending over backwards to appease their government’s demands the farmers have reached their breaking point.............
Huge numbers of Americans say climate change is a religion - Huge numbers of Americans say that "climate change" is not science at all, but a religion.According to Rasmussen Reports, 60% of respondents, all Likely U.S. voters, agree with the statement, "Climate change has become a religion that 'actually has nothing to do with the climate' and is really about power and control." The polling found that 43% strongly agree and 17% somewhat agree. It was announced GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy who recently said climate change is a matter of faith for people, and "actually has nothing to do with the climate."
Greta Thunberg quietly deletes tweet from 5 years ago predicting only 5 years left to save us from climate apocalypse … and Tucker pounces, By Thomas Lifson - One of the more delightful aspects of being a dissident from the absurd apocalyptic climate doom cult is the ability to laugh at the decades' worth of failed, yet quite specific predictions of disaster from purported "experts" that the media have gleefully trumpeted.  The track record of the failure of previous predictions matters not in the least, as if mass amnesia had infected not just the media, but government, academia, and the corporate world..........
Global Warming? Ice Sheet on Lake Tahoe Bay Joel B. Pollak - A rare ice sheet has formed on Emerald Bay, California, on Lake Tahoe, the first time it has been seen in over 30 years — and a sign of the cold weather in the Sierra Nevada in a season normally linked to the spring thaw.........

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