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Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Richard Nixon Was Not A Great President. Get Over It!

By Rich Kozlovich

The first site I visit when doing my searches is American Thinker, where I find really excellent commentaries from a number of writers, especially Andrea Widburg, but there are pieces that appear here, as is in every site I visit, when I wonder what planet they're living on.   Then there are some that are pretty good, but still fail in their history.  

One such article was this piece, Confessions of an 'old' Millennial, by By Monroe Wesson, discussing this penchant for conservatives to be "classy" by not refuting the lies and crap leftists spew out against them, and he does a pretty good job of outlining that failure, but initially his train went off the rails...for one paragraph..... saying

As a child, I remember being taught how terrible Nixon was as a president, at least in TV shows, movies, and media.  However, when I asked people who lived through the time of Nixon being president, every one of them told me, "They did him wrong" and "He was a great president!"

Saying Richard Nixon was a great president to me is like waving a red flag in front of a a maddened bull.  While I agree they did him wrong, as it really was a conspiracy to get Nixon, which included the much lauded Judge Sirica, who was nothing more than a corrupt political hack, and was a part of that conspiracy, none of that changes the fact Nixon was a terrible President.  

  1. He created the EPA, a virtual lava flow of scientifically dubious regulations, which Jay Lehr, my recently passed friend, and one of the original founders of EPA, said they've not done anything worthwhile since 1980 and need to be dismantled, and developed a five year plan to do so.  
  2. He also passed a plethora of environmental laws that are detrimental to the nation, and just like all this global warming scam, they do little or nothing to save the environment, but they're costly to America.
  3. Nixon created OSHA, now a tyrannical monster, illegally used to force Americans to accept these fraudulent vaccinations which are killing untold thousands all over the world  
  4. He passed the Endangered Species Act, which has been another disaster, and over and over again it's the environmentalist's fall back position to prevent any number of projects, often fraudulently. 
  5. He caused the ban on DDT, which was based on the lies of Rachel Carson’s science fiction book Silent Spring, which resulted in de-facto bans all over the world killing hundreds of millions of people since that ban in 1972.  

When I read prominent people talking about how brilliant Richard Nixon was on foreign affairs I really see red, and I put Henry Kissinger in that same category.  Nixon opened China up to the world's economy, and Kissinger was a major part of that, although he lauded Trump, who's views are diametrically opposite of Nixon's and what Kissinger promoted, which falls under the category of "Whoda Thunk It!"  

Kissinger has been a globalist for all of his life, so as you read this article there are a couple of things that should come to mind.

  1. How can anyone so smart be so stupid?  Answer:  Ideology makes smart people stupid. 
  2. This seeming support of Donald Trump's foreign policies is so out of character for him with the world view he's presented over and over again, one has to wonder what was he up to?

I've not had any respect for Kissinger as long as I've known about him.  If he told me day was light and night was dark, I'd make sure to go outside and make sure.  Even with an ego as massive as his, at the time he was 94, did he actually think it was possible he could get back into the game? 

Nixon's Presidency was filled with huge mistakes, but opening up China to the world was his biggest mistake.  Mao's economy after his violent and destructive Cultural Revolution was in shambles, and if Nixon had stayed home and minded the business of America, I seriously doubt the Chinese Communist Party would still be in existence.  But he didn't, and now were paying the price for his, and Kissinger's, stupidity.  That gave the CCP the economy they needed to fund their war against America. 

Nixon was a RINO before there were RINO’s, at least officially, and mostly because the Republican party didn’t have hardly any members who weren’t RINO’s in those days, and the difference between the Republicans and the Democrats was paper thin.  That changed with the election of Ronald Reagan, and far more after the election of Donald Trump.  

So please pay attention.  Nixon was a terrible President.  Get over it.

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