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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

There Are Compelling Pragmatic Considerations Behind Supporting Trump Or DeSantis

Visit Facebook, Truth Social, and other social media sites and, overall, there is respectful chatter between Trump and DeSantis supporters. Both camps are filled with America First patriots who earnestly believe that their guy is America’s only chance at saving the country from Joe “Big Guy” Biden and the Marxist-leaning Democrat party. While the jockeying between and the prospects of both men in a 2024 presidential campaign are fascinating, without election integrity, none of that will matter.

It’s still very early in the cycle, but my guess is that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will not run for president. Many voters do not like a governor who was just re-elected walking away from the job, especially when the election was a few months before the announcement.

In Florida, officeholders running for federal office must resign their position. It’s being reported that the legislature is quietly preparing to change the law. Although Florida Statute 99.012 has wiggle room, having it changed solely to benefit DeSantis would be seen by many as an unethical perversion of legislative power. Should DeSantis resign, Lt. Governor Jeanette Nunez would become governor. Those relocating to Florida primarily because of how DeSantis runs the Sunshine state should start researching Nunez.

There’s also too much risk of DeSantis being branded a loser.

Unfair or not, some believe Trump has the taint of a loser, although most supporters believe the 2020 election was stolen from him. Still, win or lose in 2024, that would be Donald Trump’s final political campaign. To many (and history), he will always remain one of America’s best presidents.

However, 2024 would probably not be DeSantis’ final political campaign. He’ll have a problem, though. If he runs in the primary and doesn’t win the nomination, he has “loser” on his resume. Should he win the nomination but lose the 2024 election, “loser” becomes his brand. Is that something a 44-year-old politician wants when right now he is seen as a knight in shining armor, beloved by many?

Let’s not forget that DeSantis needs Trump supporters to win. If he runs in 2024, it will anger MAGAs, many of whom would then refuse to support DeSantis four years later.

DeSantis is having a blast being heralded as America’s best governor. He draws “yuuuge” crowds around the country, where his speeches highlight his many successes. He also enjoys gleefully chastising progressive mayors and governors, especially California’s Governor Gavin “Hair Gel” Newsom, all while selling his autobiography, The Courage to Be Free.

Wherever DeSantis goes, the news media hangs onto his every word for signs of “will he or won’t he run?”

Privately, DeSantis probably doesn’t want Trump arrested and perp-walked in handcuffs. If arrested, Trump immediately surges to a solid first place when he says “not guilty” in Manhattan Criminal Court to fallacies charges alleging under-the-table money paid to a porn star. As Robert Spencer explained in “It Looks as if Trump Will be Arrested Next Week, and That’s Not Even the Worst of It,”

All this means is that Trump’s arrest will be a piece of political theater for the ages, and that’s altogether fitting, as it will be the culmination of America’s long decline into banana republic status. The arrest of Trump, particularly while Hunter Biden, Old Joe, Nancy “Insider Trading” Pelosi, and Hillary Clinton, along with a host of other Leftists, remain uninvestigated, will demonstrate that America is now a place where corrupt governing officials use the full weight of the law to persecute and prosecute opposition leaders and silence dissent.

Most Republicans will come out against Trump’s arrest, and that will look like the party is solidifying behind him. You can be sure that millions of MAGAs will send in a contribution just as they did after the political Mar-a-Lago raid that confirmed America has two tiers of justice—one for Republicans and another for Democrats.

On March 17, Elon Musk tweeted about Trump’s potential arrest: 

(Editor's NoteThere is a Twitter link I can't reproduce. Follow the link.  RK)

Dilbert creator Scott Adams thinks the same: 

(Editor's NoteThere is a Twitter link I can't reproduce.  Follow the link. RK)

But here’s the real question: Does any of the above maneuvering and calculation matter without election integrity?

An arrest or not, many patriots respect both Trump and DeSantis and would gladly vote for either man. But they also think that without election integrity, it does not matter whom the Republican party nominates for president. They believe Democrats plan to steal the 2024 presidential election just as they did in 2020. And through it all, they are convinced that the UniParty GOP will have done little to nothing before, during, or after.

Patriots must contact their local and state GOPs and ask what they are actively doing to promote fair and honest elections. If they respond that they have an election integrity committee, patriots must pin them down with some questions:

  • How many are on the election integrity committee?
  • How often does the committee meet?
  • For how long do they meet?
  • What have they recently accomplished?
  • What are the committee’s election integrity plans for 2024?

Many local and state GOPs form election integrity committees that rarely or never hold meetings. Instead, these committees were created primarily to make Republicans think the GOP is doing something. Then the GOP uses the nearly non-existent election integrity committee for fundraising.

Without faith in fair elections, many Republicans in deep blue states like California, Illinois, and New Jersey will sit home. Or maybe those Republicans will be too busy to vote because they are packing for their move to Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.

Trump or DeSantis? Guilty or not guilty? From the 2020 presidential election to the 2022 Arizona gubernatorial election, it doesn’t matter without election integrity. Except for the military, this means voter ID on Election Day to vote with paper ballots.

Otherwise, the American public will be doing the perp walk toward Marxist anarchy.

Robin M. Itzler is a regular contributor to American Thinker. She can be reached at

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