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Sunday, October 22, 2023

The Sewer Trout of Academia

By Rich Kozlovich


This Israel/Hamas War has triggered reactions all over the world, including just about every academic institution in the nation, and most of those reactions were anti-Semitic, and apparently the billionaires who fund these university are shocked.....shocked I tell you.... and they're going to do something about it, which was long over due. On Sunday Robert Weissberg posted this article on American Thinker, Time for Billionaire Donors to Face Reality saying:

An important repercussion of the recent campus anti-Israel/pro-Hamas rallies is that major university donors, many of whom are Jewish, say that they are re-thinking their continued support of their alma mater........

He also goes on to say:  

Can these aroused financial titans root out anti-Semitism? No doubt, the closed checkbooks will alarm top administrators who will promise “steps will be taken,” but, sadly, matters will not change, rhetoric aside.

Academia has been eating away at the framework of American culture and the Judaic/Christian foundation that created America for over 100 years.   When the Frankfurt School socialists fled Germany and Hitler, they came to American universities and were accepted without hesitation, and they further corrupted the minds of America's youth, without protest or correction by these institutions, or their benefactors.  Where was the outrage from the wealthy and powerful over the last 100 years?

A backlash by the nation's wealthy and powerful against what academia was doing should have occurred many decades ago when Americans still shared and embraced the American culture.   They not only failed to do so, they were part of that dismantling of America.  Now see the consequences of their failure.   Consequences that should have been as obvious as night follows day.   And now it's too late.  

Otto Von Bismarck, the Iron Chancellor of Germany, once noted the difference between America and Europe was America was a real nation because Americans shared the same language and the same foundational culture.  Whereas Europe was a geographical designation.   Well, by that definition, America isn't a real nation any longer.  Academia and those who've supported these sewers for all of these decades worked to Balkanize America, and they succeeded.

Now the only thing that can fix these intellectual and moral sewers is bankruptcy, and with Harvard's endowment in the 50 billion dollar range, that will take some time, and it's just a matter of time before this new billionaire enlightenment will fade just like fog in sunlight. 

Fixing academia will take a national effort.  No more government funding, no more student loans, no more non-profit institutional status or tax exemptions.  High levels of taxation, especially finding ways of taxing their endowment funds.  Lawsuits against the institutions, and the professors for fraud.  Massive and unending public exposure of what they're teaching and promoting, and who's doing it. 

That's what it will take to fix these institutions, but as I said, this will have to be a national effort, starting with a temporary end to all immigration into America.  Mass deportations of non-citizens, and in many cases, the revocation of citizenship of some immigrants.   We can start with Ilhan Oman and Rashida Tlaib.   Permanently stop all immigration from Islamic lands, and reinstitute the McCarran Walters Act of 1952 that prohibited the immigration of Islamists, and make English the national language.  

We can't fix academia without fixing America.

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