Monday, September 21, 2015

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Election 2016

Debbie Wasserman Schultz heckled by Dem crowd over limiting number of debates- Democrat opposition to their deeply flawed“inevitable” nominee Hillary Clinton is boiling over

New GOP rules designed to aid Bush are aiding Trump- Might we have Reince Priebus to thank for a Trump presidency?

Did Tapper help Hillary in GOP debate? - Is Jake Tapper pulling a Stephanopoulos?

Obama's Speech for the Ages - We are rapidly approaching the anniversary of one the most historic speeches ever delivered by a U.S. Commander in Chief, President Obama’s “I Don’t Have a Clue”speech.

Jeb Bush vs. the 2nd Amendment - During the current campaign, Jeb Bush has been incoherent on key issues. The latest of these is 2nd Amendment rights.

Campus police threaten to 'lock up' conservatives for asking people to sign petition- Everybody must agree or we run the risk of allowing people to think for themselves


Will Hungary go to war to protect its borders? – Tensions grow on Hungary-Croatia border.


Pulling Our Strings and Poking Us in the Eyes: The Ahmed Mohamed Fairy Tale -Voter ignorance contributes to the ease with which the media manipulates public opinion into believing things which are not so.

Muslims of America terrorist training compounds -There are terror-training camps in at least 19 states in this country and we are doing next to nothing about it.

Middle East

Stunning: New York Times selling access to Iranian oil official - The Gold Rush is on to do business with the mullahs, and the New York Times wants its piece of the pie.

Call your doctor and ask about 'side effects' from the Iran deal - A filmmaker's wildly funny take on the Iran deal.


The Bergdahl Case Gets Curiouser and Curiouser –The uncomfortable but compelling suspicion arises that this entire fiasco is a setup that will allow the Army to escape the Bergdahl case without embarrassing President Obama.

Is the Media Being Insulting to Muslims? - Why is the left so clearly angry about Obama being called a Muslim?

If there's nothing wrong with being Muslim, why is Obama so upset? -It's not that Obama fears being called a Muslim. He fears being called something else.

Can the media prove that Obama is a Christian? - Why all the media freak-outs, even among Fox, on how Trump handled a question dealing with Obama's religion?

Under Mr. Obama, Drug Law Enforcement Lapses - Last year, the president asserted that smoking marijuana is barely different from smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol. He could not be more wrong.

Pope Francis

'Pope Francis embodies sanctity but comes trailing clouds of sanctimony'- Pope Francis is in over his head on the environment and economic matters.

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