Thursday, September 17, 2015

History and Time are Not Friends Of The Green Movement!

Bennie Peiser’s Global Warming Policy Foundation Reports Obama has been "snookered" by the world's leaders because it would appear they don’t even believe Manmade Global Warming, or Anthropogenic Climate Change, exists let alone being the greatest crisis of our time.  It would also appear Obama's views are meaningless to them as they form their own alliances – Sans Obama!  We need to understand this one overwhelming fact.  When the economies of the world’s nations collapse so do their governments!  Only the Greenies think living a primitive, disease ridden, short lived existence constitutes paradise.  Green is heading into the well deserved ash heap of history and for good reason.  Dystopia follows green just as Sancho Panza followed Don Quixote, a madman. 

Obama Snookered As Developing Nations Reject CO2 Emissions Diktat -India and other developing countries today signalled that they would resist any “obligatory review mechanism” intended to increase their individual efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions warming the planet. Climate change negotiators from the so-called like-minded developing countries (LMDC), concluding a two-day meeting hosted by India, said any review of actions to curb greenhouse gas emissions should factor in the differential responsibilities of developed and developing countries. In a joint statement, the negotiators said the LMDCs have expressed “strong reservations” against any obligatory review mechanism to increase individual efforts of developing countries. --The Calcutta Telegraph, 15 September 2015

Paris Climate Poker: India, China & Like-Minded Nations To Form Alliance – India will negotiate together with a so-called group of like-minded developing countries (LMDCs) at the climate change summit in Paris at the year-end, environment minister Prakash Javadekar said on Tuesday. At the end of a two-day meeting of negotiators from 13 LMDCs in New Delhi, Javadekar asked rich nations to walk the talk in transferring funds to the poor to mitigate the effects of climate change. Javadekar said: “…if developed world doesn’t walk the talk on issue of finance, there will be a problem for the Paris outcome. I hope the developed world will consider it and rise to the occasion.” --Mayank Aggarwal, Live Mint, 16 September 2015

Obama, World Leaders Ponder Whether Or Not To Attend Paris Summit - Don’t look for the drama of an Amer­ic­an pres­id­ent bar­ging in on fel­low heads of state in a private meet­ing on the fi­nal night [of the Paris summit], be­cause—if all goes ac­cord­ing to plan—none of them will be there. In­stead of bring­ing in heads of state at the end of the two-week con­fer­ence, French of­fi­cials have flipped the script and in­vited them to the be­gin­ning. Not every­one is ex­cited about the early ap­pear­ance by heads of state. Former U.N. cli­mate chief Yvo de Bo­er said it it’s not clear what pur­pose it serves, and that it could even de­tract from dis­cus­sions on the hoped-for pact. And lead­ers may not want to fly to the City of Lights just to give a speech at the start of the meet­ing and then go back home. “My ex­per­i­ence is, politi­cians travel in or­der to cel­eb­rate suc­cess,” he said. “To fly to Par­is and just show a bit of leg at the be­gin­ning of a con­fer­ence is not really enough of a reas­on,” he said. --Ben Geman, National Journal, 15 September 2015

Chinese Coal Data Cast Doubt On Alleged Stalling Of Global CO2 Emissions - When the International Energy Agency reported in March that global carbon emissions had stayed flat in 2014, even as the world economy grew, the news was hailed as a turning point in the struggle to curb climate change. But more recent data about Chinese coal consumption, seen by Reuters, raise doubts about whether that historic decoupling of economic growth and carbon emissions from energy use actually occurred. One of the keys to keeping carbon emissions flat in 2014 was significantly lower coal consumption in China, the world's top greenhouse gas emitter: a 2.9 per cent drop, reported in preliminary Chinese data in February. But in May, China’s National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released a China Statistical Abstract, not available online but only on paper, showing that coal consumption edged up by 0.06 percent from 2013. --Alister Doyle and David Stanway, Reuters, 16 September 2015

New Study: We're Nowhere Near Peak Coal Use in China and India - Resource investors, take note: By 2025, just 10 years from now, energy consumption in Asia will increase a whopping 31 percent. A whole two-thirds of that demand, driven largely by China and India, will be for fossil fuels, most notably coal. That’s according to a new research piece by financial services group Macquarie, which writes that the estimated rise in fossil fuel demand is equivalent of “three times Saudi Arabia’s current (all-time-high) oil production.” Macquarie’s research is in line with BP’s “Energy Outlook 2035,” released earlier this year, which predicts that more than half of the world’s energy consumption will come from China and India by the year 2035. --Frank Holmes, Mineweb, 15 September 2015

Green Dreams Dashed As Turnbull Backs Abbott’s Climate Policy (For Now) -
Anyone hoping that Australia will do more to fight climate change after Malcolm Turnbull ousted Tony Abbott to become prime minister may be disappointed. After beating Abbott in a late-night ballot of Liberal Party lawmakers, Turnbull described the nation’s current climate policy as “a very, very good piece of work.” Turnbull, speaking in parliament on Tuesday, called the auction earlier this year “a resounding success” and defended the climate change plan that Environment Minister Greg Hunt helped introduce. “The government policy on climate is right, and it is being proved right,” Turnbull said. --Angus Whitley and James Paton, Bloomberg, 15 September 2015

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  1. Very good! Hopefully they will come to their senses and stop this global warming scam, once and for all!

    CO2 is not driving the climate, CO2 is not a climate gas ..