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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

CFACT Collegians make the grade for liberty

By Craig Rucker President CFACT

America’s colleges and universities continue to act more like leftist indoctrination centers than institutions of higher education. That’s why CFACT’s Collegians program was founded in 2003 – to push back against Leftist pseudoscience and censorship that’s all too prevalent at our nation’s Ivory Towers.

As we begin 2022, I have good news to share with you: The fight for liberty and sound science in academia is making great strides!

In fact, we have decided to award our CFACT student leaders an “A+” mid-term grade for their fantastic efforts so far this year.

What warrants such a high grade? Here’s a summary of CFACT Collegians achievements in the Fall semester 2021:

  • Informative speaking events were coordinated to give students the facts they aren’t hearing in their classrooms. These included former press secretary to President Trump, Kayleigh McEnany, at the University of Central Florida, conservation and hunting advocate Gabriella Hoffman at the University of Texas, San Antonio, and the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities hosted me to discuss the troubling agendas of the modern environmental movement.
  • Collegians undertook a “Build Back Bankrupt” campus activism campaign to push back against President Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. Among the fun activities with this campaign included using monopoly money to make an educational point. The “money” was handed out to students at Vanderbilt University, Grand Canyon University, the Catholic University of America, and Central Florida University to show what the U.S. dollar would be really worth (i.e. funny money!) if Biden and the Left got their agenda enacted.
  • CFACT student leaders from Pennsylvania, Arizona, Texas, and Washington DC delivered testimony to the Environmental Protection Agency during its virtual public hearing on new methane rules. The CFACT students all objected to the new Biden rules, saying they were unnecessary, would further heighten energy costs, and ignore environmental gains already achieved in the United States. 
  • Stewardship events were organized in two states. In Michigan a project called “Raking a Difference” organized students to undertake lawn clean-up efforts for the elderly and disabled, while at Liberty University in Virginia CFACT Collegians performed a litter clean up around Lynchburg to clear trash from paths and brush.

Without efforts such as these from CFACT students, there would often be no active voice championing liberty and free markets on these campuses. Our student leaders showed great skill in organizing this past semester as well as facing down intimidation from the Left. We’re proud of them!

Now you know why we give them an A+ for their Fall semester, and also why we look forward to seeing what else they will accomplish in the Spring!

For nature and people too. 

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