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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Remember! There's No Such Thing as a Conspiracy!!!!

By Rich Kozlovich 

Over the years I've said ,"Everything really is a conspiracy! "  And everyone laughed, including my friends. It became a kind of good hearted banter among us. And of course I laughed was funny.  But I never backed down from my position that "everything really is a conspiracy".  As time went by, they stopped laughing.  Why?  Because time and truth are on the same side, and all I said and predicted is now becoming reality in a lot of trenches from which I've done battle.

As for those who've read a lot of history, they know, "everything really is a conspiracy:" History is unendingly replete with conspiracies, many of the deadly. Read the history of the Roman Empire and then tell me there's no such thing as a conspiracy. Conspiracies were just about foundational to their Empires' existence, and when you scratch the surface of everyone else's history, its the same story.

Below is a chart I recently stumbled on regarding "conspiracy theories" and this fraudulent pandemic.  This is only after one year, what will come into the light in five years? 

Truth and time are on the same side.

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