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Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Pandemic Hysteria, Masks, Lockdowns and Vaccination Mandates: All Failures That Led to Tyranny!

By Rich Kozlovich

This lead article says it all, and it's followed by articles I've been saving for a long time. These vaccines aren't vaccines, the lockdown mask mandates have been a disaster, and didn't work, and the data they've used to promote all this is either non existent, or absolutely fraudulent.

Alberta Canada Inadvertently Published (and Quickly Deleted) Health Data Exposing that MORE THAN HALF of VACCINATED DEATHS Have Been COUNTED AS UNVACCINATED By Julian Conradson January 23, 2022....277 Comments 

New research suggests COVID was less deadly than thought in first year of pandemic - Meta-research pioneer John Ioannidis of Stanford cuts "infection fatality rate" by half for age groups including young people, using international "seroprevalence" review......

Worse yet, not only is their data fraudulent, they've stridently censored any data, or information at all, that refutes their fraudulent claims.    

The vaccinated are the real transmitters, not the unvaccinated, as the unvaccinated are either naturally immune or have acquired immunity and are now either totally immune to all the strains or highly resistant and are not the transmitters as the vaccinated are.  It now appears those most vaccinated are now more susceptible to the all the strains, especially the omicron strain, (Israeli Vaccine Study Finds People Still Catching Omicron After 4 Doses + More) and worse yet, there's evidence being amassed these 'vaccines' have some serious adverse reactions with long term negative health consequences for a large number of people, especially children who rarely contract this virus. I firmly believe we're going to look back on this as a human disaster, our thalidomide era.

Try and get this right:  Hugging your gran didn't kill her but getting vaccinated probably did. This whole coronavirus pandemic hysteria had nothing to do with public health.  It had everything to do with tyranny!  We really do need to get that. 

Lockdowns, Masks, and Vaccines Have All Been Complete Failures, But That’s Not the Real Problem - January 24, 2022 By William Sullivan

It’s becoming ever more apparent that the government health intelligentsia’s efforts to protect Americans from COVID have been a complete failure.  That’s why you’ve heard nothing about its success. 

But here’s what we do know for sure: There’s never been any convincing evidence that wearing a loose-fitting rag over your face stops viral spread, but if that doesn’t give one pause to question the efficacy of the practice, then there’s always the incontrovertible fact that there isn’t a single place on the planet which can be pointed toward as the beacon of evidence for the efficacy of mask mandates........

 Similarly, lockdowns have obviously failed in America.  Texas and Florida, for example, have fared much better than the crazed lockdown prisons of New York and New Jersey.  People aren’t fleeing to places like Texas and Florida in record numbers because they think COVID will be more likely to kill them in these less restrictive places.  Rather, they know, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that COVID is unlikely to kill them in any state, and are simply seeking greener pastures when it comes to their own life and liberty.

Like the stupid masks and the stupid lockdowns that have proven to be more harmful than helpful, the vaccines have also proven entirely ineffective at achieving what we were all promised they would.

These vaccines do not prevent infection.  These vaccines do not prevent transmission.  These vaccines, at best, help to prevent serious illness or death from infection.  In this regard, it’s very difficult to understand these drugs to be “vaccines” at all.  And these drugs most certainly introduce unknown health risks for healthy people who are at virtually zero risk of harm from the virus.  One study finds, for example, that teenage boys who get the jab are six times more likely to be hospitalized from heart complications related to the vaccine than they are at risk of hospitalization due to the virus.   

Those are facts.  And, knowing that those are indisputable facts that not even Dr. Anthony Fauci would refute, there is no reason for any rational human being to support universal vaccination or perpetual booster shots for COVID...........To Read More...

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