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Thursday, August 19, 2021

All Things Great and Small ....... Are Racist! Part VI

By Rich Kozlovich

We're watching a nation being dismantled by a lunatic core of leftists, a demented President, an incompetent Vice President an insane Congressional leadership, along with many of the members, none of whom are very bright, all promoting the horsepucky.  What could possibly go wrong?   


Larry Klayman in his book, WHORES: Why and How I Came to Fight the Establishment, states, the Federal judiciary is made up of "political hacks", and as outrageous as that appears on the surface, rulings like this one, Obama-Appointed Judge: Prosecuting Previously Deported "Latinx" Illegal Aliens Is Unconstitutional, Racist?, gives absolute credence to that statement.   According to John Binder  this incompetent judge, who needs to be impeached,  decided: 

The federal law that criminalizes illegal reentry to the United States is unconstitutional because it is “racist” against “Latinx” illegal aliens...Judge Miranda Du, appointed by former President Obama in 2012, ruled in favor of a previously deported illegal alien from Mexico, Gustavo Carrillo-Lopez, who filed a motion to dismiss an indictment against him for illegal reentry, claiming it is discriminatory.

Specifically, Carrillo-Lopez argued that Section 1326 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) has racist origins and is therefore in violation of the equal protection guarantee of the Fifth Amendment.

Du granted Carrillo-Lopez’s motion and ruled that the law criminalizing illegal reentry is unconstitutional because she claims it is “racist” against “Latinx” illegal aliens, though she admits there is “no publicly available data” showing federal prosecutors target Hispanic illegal aliens over illegal aliens from other regions of the world.  

In effect that makes all laws governing immigration invalid placing the nation at the mercy of insane left wing activists, illegal aliens, and the criminal gangs that will take advantage of this. What utter hogwash!

Then we have those who have decided having standards in our schools is racist, as Randy Boudreaux  points out in his August 18, 2021 article, No Standard, No Problem, as it appears:

In education, equity warriors have been frustrated by a stubborn pattern in SAT and ACT scores. For decades Asians have scored higher than whites, who have scored higher than Hispanics, who have scored higher than blacks. These differences seem impervious to any K-12 education policy tinkering regardless of the policy’s ideological origin. Busing, charters, vouchers, increased spending, and universal testing have all failed to close these uncomfortable gaps.

Finally, in 2020, COVID provided the equity commissars a solution to their SAT/ACT “problem.” Many college bureaucrats who hope to increase the percentage of non-Asian minorities have discarded the SAT/ACT requirements for admission. At first, it was temporary, but then for many, it became permanent. The outcome is freshman classes with demographics that are now deemed more equitable. No standards, no problem. Equity!

So, since blacks can't read, write, do math at the same level as everyone else, reading, writing and math are all racist.  That means we have to end all standards of competence because those standards are racist structures to protect white supremacy?  But why does that explain why Asians outscore everyone, including whites?  Clearly then, education is racist.

Instead of trying to improve America’s failing grades on math and science, schools spent class time indoctrinating kindergartners, teaching five-year-olds about “racist police,” and telling students that “all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism.”

A Kentucky school district is promoting anti-racist mathematics By Andrea Widburg

At least two decades ago, for I still listened to NPR in those days, I got an “All Things Considered” storytelling me that math was too white and masculine because it dealt in absolutes, which was off-putting to women and minorities. I was introduced to the concept of fuzzy numbers. This held that if you taught kids how to do things, you shouldn’t stress them out by making sure they get the right answers. Even then, when I was still leftist(ish), I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t want to drive across a fuzzy math bridge.” That academic theory, of course, has now become a central part of the leftist push for cultural dominance, with the latest victims being the schoolchildren of Louisville, Kentucky, who will soon learn “anti-racist” math.

But as it turns arresting people for shoplifting is racist also: 

San Francisco D.A. Chesa Boudin refuses to prosecute “crimes such as public camping, offering or soliciting sex, public urination, blocking a sidewalk.” He also prosecutes shoplifting at much lower rates than even his progressive predecessor.  Progressive D.A.s in Chicago, Seattle, New York, and Philadelphia have also refused to prosecute numerous crimes, citing their disparate impacts. These property and nuisance criminal laws are a standard of minimally acceptable behavior, yet even these standards have been discarded in the name of equity.

The BAR exam is racist, and “the relic of a racist club.”   Why? Blacks don't pass them as often as everyone else. 

Here's the one I really like,  rocks are now racist!   Hmmmmm, what exactly was the rock saying?  Was it sending death threats?  Well, it appears campus "wokeness has gone completely off their....rocker!  The 'Racist' Rock  by Joseph Klein says a  2 billion years old rock that was"named after a prominent 19th century geologist and former university president, Thomas Crowder Chamberlin", is racist because there is evidence the man used the "n" word at least once in his life...and who knows.....maybe even twice!  He goes on to quote the administration:

“The rock is a symbol of the injustice students of color face on campus daily,”........ The rock, this geology-challenged activist added,“symbolizes oppression and discrimination.”

Well, here's a picture of the rock that's an obvious racist “symbol of the injustice students of color face on campus daily,”....and ......“symbolizes oppression and discrimination.”  Wow! With snowflakes like this being prepared to lead the nation over the next 75 years that doesn't lend a great deal of confidence in the continuation of the United States. 


The "university administration’s idea of what constitutes “courage and commitment.”, but that's not enough.  It turns out libraries and reading lists are racist also at the University of Wisconsin because it's "white privilege" and that must be disrupted. 

Thanksgiving is racist also for one of the administrators there, Karla J. Strand, who says:

“I want to do my part in the disruption of what has been the acceptable ‘norm’ in the book world for far too long—white, cis, heterosexual, male,” she wrote. Strand recommended a book for her August 2021 reading list that she described as “a powerful and necessary examination of anti-fatness as anti-Blackness from a fat, Black, disabled and nonbinary trans writer extraordinaire.” Refusing to celebrate Thanksgiving, Strand calls herself a “white settler” who is occupying “stolen land.”  

So they're going to get rid of all the University buildings on the occupied stolen land?  Well, how's this for a reader comment:

There are no native Americans.  Indians are immigrants from Asia. 

Here are some thoughts I've rammed together from the comments section I thought worth sharing. 

 A gun kills people, a rock is racist, a boy can be a girl, killing babies is ok because our bodies our choice but you will be forced to have an experimental drug injected into you against your will. The lunatics are truly running the asylum. One thing is certainly clear -- the boulder that was removed from the U. Madison campus possesses exponentially greater intelligence, cognitive ability and intellectual capacity than any of these miserable, coddled, spoiled, narcissistic, ingrate, dim-witted students, and, their administrator/chaperone enablers. Boy, I'm glad that's settled. Who knew all you had to do is move a rock, and racism would disappear.  It may be that the rock was reminding them of their brains.  Just think they will be let loose on society and might be able to work somewhere, maybe.  But here’s the real scare.

They vote and breed!

Now it turns out Umpires are now racist also.:

That's right.  You read it correctly.  Major-league umpires are racist, and it's "based on allegedly erroneous ball and strike calls and which player benefits from the errant call."  However, the facts show:

The difference of the alleged racist calls amounted to a grand total of 0.3 percent, something so minuscule that even a professional race-baiter like Al Sharpton likely wouldn't have noticed.  

Okay, so we need to stop calling strikes on blacks and Hispanics?  What could be more fair than that?  Right?

Columbia med school will teach students how to 'disrupt racism,' confront microaggressions, they could face. A medical school professor, who is also the diversity director, said that the murder of George Floyd in Minnesota has made the situation worse at the New York institution. Professor Jean Alves-Bradford said in a news release that “it’s been very difficult for students in general, but especially for students underrepresented in medicine.”

Now why would anyone think that's irrational?  Right?
And of course the Second Amendment is racist as  ACLU, which claims to defend constitutional rights, smears 2nd Amendment as racist.
One of America's long-standing civil rights organizations is now attacking Americans' right to keep and bear arms.  The uncanny irony came in the form of a July 16 article from the American Civil Liberties Union, which discussed the "anti-blackness" that allegedly prompted the founding fathers to include the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights. Yes, an organization that once championed individual rights is attacking one of the most integral aspects of the Bill of Rights. We can't make this up.
 How long before all the ten amendments are racist?

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