Thursday, August 12, 2021

Palestinian Authority has paid $1,183,257 to jihadis who murdered 15 in the Sbarro pizza shop in Jerusalem

Aug 11, 2021 By

The Palestinian Authority paid $1,183,257 in blood money to jihadists who blew up the Sbarro pizza shop, so imagine the combined cost of other jihad activity against Israelis. Yet the PA is recognized as a legitimate government by the UN, obtains international funding, and is overwhelmingly favored over Israel in the international media.  Meanwhile, the Palestinian goal to obliterate Israel is being openly espoused globally, amid calls for violence against Jews.  With the intricate network of Muslim Brotherhood-linked organizations in America and others that support the Palestinian “resistance” against Israel, is it really any wonder that antisemitism is on the rise?.............To Read More.....


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