Friday, August 13, 2021

Nation's largest doctor group recommends removing 'male,' 'female' from birth certs

"Remove 'male' and 'female' from birth certificates? Here's why the country's largest group of physicians recommends it."

That was a recent headline from an article in The Washington Post, one of the primary propaganda outlets for the Democrat National Committee.  The article was penned by an obvious political operative called Anne Branigin.  In the opening paragraph — with the spirit of objective journalism in mind (it's a news story, not an opinion piece) — Ms. Branigin makes it abundantly clear where she stands.

"For many Americans, birth certificates aren't just an important identity marker, they are an entry point into many parts of life," she opined.  "But for trans and nonbinary people, birth certificates can be a hurdle — a document that invalidates their identity — unless they amend it."

Invalidates their identity?  I didn't need to read another word to understand where this piece was going.  But on I went, and found that Ms. Branigin and the American Medical Association (AMA) — the aforementioned "country's largest group of physicians" — obviously didn't "follow the science" of the favorite catchphrases of the lunatic left.  Real science dictates one thing and one thing only: infants born with male genitalia are little boys; infants born with female genitalia are little girls.  Period. ............To Read More....

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