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Friday, August 13, 2021

Totalitarian madness comes to Australia’s New South Wales

Perhaps because of its incredibly brave troops in WWI and WWII, not to mention the Crocodile Dundee films, Australia shared with America a reputation for being a wild and free place. That’s not so anymore. New South Wales, home to Sydney, the largest city in Australia, has gone so overboard with COVID hysteria that the state is under martial law, and people are not only being told not to talk to each other anymore, they’re also being urged to spy and report on scofflaw neighbors. North Korea couldn’t have done it better. And all this is happening in a state with 5.3 million people solely because of 12,588 cases and 91 deaths since last February.

The Daily Mail summarized where New South Wales stood vis-à-vis COVID as of August 11:

New South Wales has recorded 345 new cases of Covid-19 and two deaths of men in their 90s - as more suburbs are slapped with harsher restrictions in Sydney’s west. One of the men had a single dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine while the other had two doses of Pfizer.  Both vaccines are around 90 per cent effective at stopping death after two doses. One died at Liverpool Hospital after catching the disease as part of the hospital’s outbreak which has now killed seven.  The other died at Royal North Shore Hospital and was a resident at Wyoming Residential Aged Care Facility in Summer Hill, in Sydney’s inner west.

Here, you can see it in graphic form:..........To Read More....

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