Friday, August 13, 2021

Republican Betrayal on Fake Infrastructure Bill

Establishment Democrats and Republicans and their corporate media mouthpieces view the American taxpayer as an ATM to fund their priorities.


The so-called infrastructure bill that 19 miserable, loathsome Republican senators just helped to pass shows the utter worthlessness of a corporatist Republican Party out of touch with its constituents. Most of these senators are from red states, and many of them are people Trump bailed out in 2016 and 2020 (including McTurtle) and helped to get reelected. They just gave their voters, and the American people, the middle finger. One can’t help but think they’re either incredibly stupid or incredibly corrupt; probably both if we’re being honest. 

Not only does this bill add anywhere from $256 to $400 billion to our roughly $30 trillion national debt, it has very little to do with anything accurately labeled “infrastructure.” Only $110 billion of the $1.2 trillion is for highways, roads, bridges and major projects. If you throw in the monies for airports, ports, and assorted other items, you might get to 23 percent of this monstrosity designated for actual infrastructure. 

The other 77 percent of the bill’s funding reads like a far left wish list that paves the way for the Green New Deal. That’s why this bill should be dubbed the Gateway to the Green New Deal Bill and not infrastructure. Take for example that nearly 20 percent of the entire bill, $213 billion, is allocated for retrofitting two million homes and buildings to make them more sustainable, whatever that means. Or the $20 billion for racial equity and environmental justice. Or the mileage tax, as in yes, they want to explore taxing you for every mile you drive in your car.........To Read More....

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