Friday, August 13, 2021

Does Anyone Believe That Amid an Economic-Jobs-Inflation-Consumer-Stocks Boom We Need a $6 Trillion Spending Spree?

By Lawrence Kudlow, Special to the Sun August 13, 2021

So as we’ve asked time and again, does anybody in their right mind believe that — with an economic boom, a jobs boom, a consumer boom, an inflation boom, and a stock market boom — the right fiscal policy is to spend $6 trillion more?

Does anybody really believe that? 

Does anybody in his right mind really believe that with a $3 trillion dollar tax hike, we’re really going to tax our way into prosperity? It begs credulity. 

President Biden’s plunging polls show that ordinary voters have a much better grip on reality than the Biden administration.

Among many fiscal sins, President Biden is launching the first major tax hike on capital in 50 years. It will be taxing top income earners, capital gains, dividends, corporations, small businesses, and estates. In other words, with his so-called "tax the rich" income redistribution progressive left policies, Mr. Biden is hell-bent in assaulting the geese that lay the golden eggs.......Right now, it is what it is. and it’s not good. In any event, I can guarantee that if Mr. Biden’s high-tax, high-spend, high-regulate policies are legislated in reconciliation today, inflation will become permanent and permanently worse...............To Read More...


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