Tuesday, August 31, 2021

Washington DC Riots? The Democrats are Responsible!

January 6th day of infamy was  preceded by 1,825 days of the same: daily incitement against a hundred-sixty million Americans and the nation's president

By ——--February 17, 2021

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The only mobs the impeachers failed to impeach were the nine Democrat mobs that incited the Washington DC riots. 

Nine Democrat mobs incited the riots by shutting down the president’s and The People’s voice in the media, at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Google, You Tube. They incited by blocking out the facts behind the corrupt self-dealing Joe Biden Crime Family. They incited by deplatforming the Trump Administration’s massive achievements as well as the president’s accounts; they incited by fake-reporting Trump having saved the lives of tens, possibly hundreds of millions. These nine mobs have the only voice heard—inciting. Their voices canceled and punished Trump voters because of rage against Trump’s successes—which are real. His accomplishments are now being cancelled by the failed and enraged America-hating ex-president Barack Obama who, through proxy president Susan Rice, dictated Joe Biden’s 47 executive orders. These EOs are but IOUs for the $3.2 billion campaign donations that got Biden elected—as trillions will come out of the hides of the American People to pay for them.

The Nine Mobs

Obama stayed behind in Washington D.C. after 2017 to orchestrate the coup…the election fraud.

These nine mobs:

  1. Mainstream media mob
  2. Social media mob
  3. Democrats mob
  4. Academe mob
  5. Hollywood mob
  6. BLM mobs campaigning for Biden
  7. Antifa mobs campaigning for Biden
  8. The Deep State bureaucratic mob weaponized and embedded in government to sabotage Trump’s presidency,
  9. Campaign finance mob....................To Read More.....


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