Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Fools, meet the evil you elected

August 17, 2021  By Terry Paulding

We tried before the election, to get you to see Biden for what he is. Evil, arrogant, self-centered, and bereft of any qualities of statesmanship or even good judgment. You didn’t listen. You believed the media stories; that the laptop was fake; that he was in his bunker, rather than campaigning, because of the evil virus; and that he wanted to heal the country and knew how to do it.

Guess you’ve graphically gotten your comeuppance now. Argue all you want that Trump wanted out of Afghanistan. That is true, but would he have left like this? Nope! He would have left from a position of strength that he could amply back up with action at the first hint of trouble. He would have gotten our equipment, our manpower, and our allies and interpreters to safety if there was a need to. He would have had a plan and the plan would have worked. He would not have sacrificed so much for so infinitesimal a reward.

Now we have chaos, an unimaginable number of people about to be slain, women and children throughout the country enslaved, and violent hate against our country germinating into future acts of terror. We have enacted an endgame that clearly leaves the sacrifice of so many of our soldiers, the maiming of so many more, to have been done in vain.

While Biden hides and Gen. Milley obsesses over CRT in the military, a country that we worked to help for 20 years, spending $90 billion dollars or more on, goes up in a puff of desert dust, its President fleeing with a helicopter load of cash. As the Taliban swarm the cities, people are trying so desperately to leave that they are climbing the outside of airplanes, only to fall to their deaths...........To Read More.....

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