Friday, August 13, 2021

O.M.G! You won’t believe what Hunter Biden told a prostitute.

Hunter Biden is an incredibly disgusting human being. We know about the drugs and the prostitutes but there have long been rumors that he’s done worse than that. Here’s the bad thing for America about Hunter’s debauchery: While we merely suspect those terrible things, Hunter’s confession in 2019 to a prostitute suggests that, if he really did unspeakable things, America’s geopolitical enemies – whether Russians or Chinese – may have proof.

Hunter liked creating his own pornography and the contents of the hard drive he abandoned at a computer repair shop in Delaware suggests that he compulsively filmed his sexual encounters with a variety of prostitutes. Knowing of his affinity for prostitutes, rumors have abounded for a long time that, when Hunter was in China with Joe in 2013, the Chinese had the bright idea to supply him with children for sex.

It’s easy to believe that Hunter would agree to this perversion simply because he grew up around a man who, at least in public, can’t keep his hands off little girls. Moreover, we know from Hunter’s own texts that he was warned away from being sexually inappropriate around a minor and was no longer allowed to be alone with her. It’s also possible that Hunter was too drugged out to know whether he was having sex with a child, a woman, or a sheep............To Read More...

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