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Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Why Are Blacks Celebrating Conviction of Officer Chauvin?

By Mychal Massie April 26, 2021 @ Daily Rant,  Business and Retail    Education / Public Schools     Political, Christian and Conservative Issues     Pro Life & Family    Skin Color

Many of the hyphenated-folks are celebrating as if they just won the lottery, because former Police Officer Derek Chauvin received what was a fait accompli.

Appearing as a guest on a West Coast talk show the day after the guilty verdict was rendered, I said: “Mr. Chauvin was always going to be found guilty.”  Mr. Chauvin’s fate was sealed from the moment Floyd breathed the last breath of his shockingly wasted life.  But, I digress.

Maybe one of these preening children of Belial would care to explain why they are celebrating Mr. Chauvin’s conviction?  What good does his conviction do them?  Is Mr. Chauvin’s conviction going to put food on their tables?  Is his conviction going to rebuild the neighborhoods they burned to the ground, the stores that they looted or even put a table in the ashes of the slums they once called home so they can put food on it, assuming they had food?

Why are these people exhibiting such celebratory mania?  Just what have they to be cheerful about?  Is Mr. Chauvin’s conviction going to put an end to the black-on-black crime they want us to believe doesn’t exist, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding?  Is his conviction going to stop the gang violence in neighborhoods that are still habitable?  

Will Mr. Chauvin’s conviction end their living in squalor, wearing a stolen pair of Nike’s and an athletic warmup suit as stylin’ cloths?  Is his conviction going to end millions of unborn black children being systematically exterminated by the demigod they’ve spiritually contracted with to sacrifice their unborn?  

Will his conviction decrease the out of wedlock birth rate?  Will it persuade black women to practice a higher level of behavioral control, i.e., will they understand that being sperm repositories for crack-head dope dealers living in the projects on their mama’s couch is a formula for failure?

Is Mr. Chauvin’s conviction going to persuade these people to step into the 21st century and embrace modernity and opportunity?  Is it going to silence the lies that fuel their hatred? Will his conviction give them jobs? Will it increase their graduation rate from college?  From high school?

The answer to these few questions is an emphatic, “of course not!!”  Mr. Chauvin’s conviction isn’t going to change a thing for them.  There will continue to be tens of thousands of George Floyds marauding, raping, and pillaging the neighborhoods until the next one is dies in a police confrontation.  At which time encomiasts will opine what a valued asset he was in the community.

Minneapolis mayor Jacob Frey acted as the accelerant that fueled the fires of their neighborhoods, when he rushed before the cameras blaming “white police officers” literally moments after the Floyd died.

Nancy Pelosi is the daughter of an Italian mobster.  How did her mobster father avoid prison time despite a 284 page FBI report on him?  Kamala Harris may have vice-president on the door to her office but she’s just a cheap common trollop who slept her way to Washington.  Biden is a lecherous bigoted liar who has a reputation as a drunk and for sexually assaulting young women in his office.  His son is reputed to have slept with his barely pubescent granddaughter, boasts of sleeping with his brother’s wife, and has photos splashed over the internet taken in strip club(s) where he paid sex workers to pleasure him with sexual devices being administered to his person.  Maxine Waters is a corrupt, mean spirited, contumelious, nightmarishly unattractive person, who is the poster woman for grotesquely boorish and hoydenish behavior. These are the kind of representative figures condemning Mr. Chauvin?

These are the kind who rush to bestow sainthood upon Floyd.  Repugnant people like them ignore what his life truly represented.  Maddeningly dishonest calumniators masquerading as fact-checkers can whitewash Floyd’s background in an effort to portray him as a pillar of the community, but every person who is honest and truthful knows he was a pox on the community.  Yet, Pelosi offered up prayers and praise to, not for mind you – but to Floyd.

Floyd’s system was loaded with dope.  In what community in America are heroin, fentanyl, methamphetamine, and morphine legal? These are not recreational pharmaceuticals people use when they are just chillin’ around the house eating ribs, breaking open 40’s with friends and watching “Low-bron” James dribble.

These are death-inducing drugs and the neighborhoods where they are purchased and manufactured are cesspools of uninterrupted generational violence.

Streets are being renamed after this person who was a 6’6” 245 pound pariah when he was alive.  Schools are being renamed after him; statues and monuments are in the works.  Practically every wall in the ghetto has Floyd’s likeness on it.

But what about the people he molested and assaulted?  What about his contribution to moral decay and the villainous example he lived?  What about the pregnant woman whose apartment he staked out and then led others in breaking into?  Do these smiling people who are happy because Mr. Chauvin was convicted give a rat’s tail about how that woman feels today?  What about her nightmares caused by having a loaded gun with hammer cocked pushed into her pregnant belly and told unless she gave him her money he was going to shoot her baby?  Has anyone asked her what she thinks?  Are we to conclude that his other seven convictions should be ignored?  What kind of responsible role model father’s a half-dozen children all from different women, not marrying any of them? Should we conclude he wasn’t a reprobate father because the women could have killed the babies?

Floyd is just another example of the godless commonality and evil his kind embody.

But this is the forever story.  These minions of Erebus celebrate the worthless lives of the most reprobate, worthless people in their neighborhoods the moment one  of them dies at the hands of a police officer, but that in no way stops the murder of their children, the prostitution of the daughters and mothers to support drug addiction, and semi-literate sperm-dispensers who wear their pants hanging off their behinds.

Is this what these cndemnable examples of impropriety are celebrating?

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About the Author

Mychal Massie

Mychal S. Massie is an ordained minister who spent 13 years in full-time Christian Ministry. Today he serves as founder and Chairman of the Racial Policy Center (RPC), a think tank he officially founded in September 2015. RPC advocates for a colorblind society. He was founder and president of the non-profit “In His Name Ministries.” He is the former National Chairman of a conservative Capitol Hill think tank; and a former member of the think tank National Center for Public Policy Research. Read entire bio here

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