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Saturday, April 24, 2021

Mass Lootings are an Immorality Problem and not an Injustice Problem

NOTE: In this article, “liberal” and “liberalism” refer to what is known as modern American liberalism, as opposed to classical liberalism that advocates individual liberties, laissez-faire economic system, and limited powers of the government.

By ——--April 21, 2021

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About every time a gunman kills a number (greater than three) of random victims in America, the anti-gun lobby repeats their fallacious rhetoric that the firearms’ “availability” is the root cause of the problem.

Last six decades, or so, of “liberal” education in America

As tragic and reprehensible as these events are, the illogicality of the verbal attacks on firearms is stunning. Since the assassination of President Kennedy, guns have been a target of stricter and stricter gun-control laws that have significantly reduced the so-called “gun availability” ostensibly responsible for those atrocities. But despite the fact that acquisition, possession, and use of a firearm by a member of the general public is much more difficult these days than it was, say, 60 years ago, the number of victims of random acts of violence with a firearm has not shown any lasting decreasing tendency, and according to many politicians and pundits is on the rise.

On the other hand, the advocates of more and more gun control and their sympathetic mass media tend to ignore the “engineered” societal trends that are clearly the prime suspects of being the root causes of or contributing factors to the mass shootings. These are: institutional promotion of amorality (which is often a result of institutional encouragement of atheism), a lack of proper supervision and care of mentally ill individuals, de facto glorification of violence in the cyberspace (typically, via certain kinds of video games), institutional attempts to “re-integrate” violent criminal offenders within the society at large, misdirected tolerance towards behavioral weirdness (including propensity towards breaking rules and “minor” infractions of the law, and other kinds of antisocial behavior), a lack of sensible and properly executed standards in immigration and naturalization policies that allow a large number of violent individuals with psychopathic leanings to move-in to America, etc., etc.

As a result, virtually no one of consequence (rare exceptions not withstanding) in American politics and mass media is even suggesting the obvious that the last six decades, or so, of “liberal” education in America - with all its—however small they may seem—absurdities and amoralities, must not be assumed, without any meaningful and compelling evidence, as having nothing to do with incubation of a sizable number of individuals who just wait for an appropriate moment to kill their fellow Americans for not other reason than their frustration, anger, mental sickness, or a lust for violence.

Shootings Are a Morality Problem, Not a Gun Problem...........To Read More.....


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