Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Just Between You, Me and Dog

Maury&Dog, Tuesday 23 September 2014

Editor's Note:  Maury is a retired scientist in Texas who is a regular reader of P&D and sends me information daily, some of which I publish or link.  RK

Six weeks from tonight, Tuesday 23 September, TV channels will be flooded with election returns. Only Six Short Weeks!

It should remain intriguing to see what events will be served up in these coming weeks. The Administration is doing everything they can to divert public attention away from the approaching elections and the campaigns for office.

Yesterday and today we have the grandiose display of the latest token opposition to terrorism. Maybe the nature of this show will change, but I think the odds are against it. We have used nearly 50 cruise missiles followed by a number of air strikes by F-22s (first ever so-called combat deployment), F-16s, F-18s, and so on. There has been great chest thumping over the fact that 4 Arab nations also flew some sorties against so-called targets in Syria.

And for all of the above efforts, we trashed a bunch of empty buildings in the middle of the night! We declare vehemently that no boots on the ground will be employed in this war and we declare this war not really a war. We even publicized the fact that no terrorist leaders were targeted -- Are we not so very humane? Sigh. This is how a nation aims to win a war? No, these are not the features of a serious effort to destroy the essence of a terrorist organization. Even under the best of circumstances, terrorism cannot literally be eradicated. But the exhibition now taking place borders on an absurdity We are using good people to occupy the stage of a theater in order to preclude attention to one of the more important elections in recent years.

In addition, our President times this whenever it is when the Congress is out. He pleads for Congressional approval of these war games or whatever they are even as he boasts of the fact that he does not need Congressional approval -- he claims sufficient authority under the approval given over a decade ago to President Bush. Even at that earlier time, he ranted extensively against President Bush exercising the authority given by that Congress. There are innumerable other negative aspects of clownish presidential behavior by President Obama.

In a positive vein, President Obama might be commended for finally deciding to do something instead of simply brandishing words. He has at least gained some support from three or four Islamic states to help in a militant show against radical Islamic elements.

It will be an absorbing exercise to see what new events can be imagined to occupy public attention. It is important for his interest to keep attention focused away from the potential Democrat/Liberal disaster at the polls in six weeks.

I just wish the Republican/Conservative leaders would be willing to assemble a platform composed of those elements on which they all can agree. The nation needs a platform for which it can vote instead of voting merely to oppose the statist utopians who are continuing to compromise the Constitution of the United States. If they were willing, plenty of common ground could be found in the realm of debt, spending, taxation, health insurance, education, military strength, and government operations. Beyond these basics, they could freely advocate their individual variations as they compete for election. Sadly, the nation is reaping what we have been composting for the last hundred years.

Please consider changing the constitutional fertilizer when you vote six weeks from today. Do not be misled by sandbox games posed as serious efforts to control terrorism. Many shows can be pushed across the stage in the coming weeks.


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