Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Energy and Environmental Newsletter

By John Droz Jr.

Our latest Energy and Environmental Newsletter, is now online. There is some great material there, so please set aside some time to check it out. Below are some highlights.

 The CATO Institute has recommitted its "Center for the Study of Science" to cover more ground — especially in the energy arena. It asks the fundamental question: "What happens if science is being systematically distorted by the incentive structure for advancement in one’s profession?". Indeed, this is at the core of ALL of our technical matters, and in our opinion is THE issue of our times. Kudos to CATO to focus more on this!

 A newly released study by the Texas Comptroller is also significant. Texas has been a big promoter of renewables, but this report is full of disturbing data and dire warnings. For example it shows how the Summer is an extended period of high demand — yet of the 11,000 MW of installed wind energy, only a pathetic 963 MW (8+%) is typically available. The report states that this means that extensive fossil fuel backup is required.

 This is a sample of other interesting energy articles in the current Newsletter —
2014 HV McKay Lecture by Robert Bryce: More Energy Please!

Here are some examples of worthwhile global warming reports —
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